GreedFall, the popular RPG game, offers players a vast world filled with side quests to explore that reveal more information about the lore and open world of the game. One such intriguing side quest in GreedFall is Trouble in Eden. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to complete the Trouble in Eden side quest in GreedFall, providing you with all the necessary information to navigate through the quest and make the right choices. So, grab your weapons and get ready to embark on this thrilling adventure!


How to Start Trouble in Eden Side Quest in GreedFall

To start the Trouble in Eden side quest, you need to speak to the Mother Cardinal. This quest can be done alongside the main mission, Demoniacal Cult, as both are located in the same village. Once you’ve spoken to the Mother Cardinal, head towards Tir Dob, also known as “The Black Lands.” You’ll find a Camp Area nearby where you can regroup and prepare for the upcoming challenges.

How to Complete Trouble in Eden Side Quest in GreedFall

Upon reaching Tir Dob, seek out Father Iustinius. He will provide you with valuable information regarding the theft of the tablets of Saint Matheus. Take note of the waypoints he gives you and make it a point to talk to each person involved in the quest’s storyline. Sister Eugenia will give you the objective to investigate the theft further. If you have Level 1 Intuition, you can ask Brother Virgil about his mission with the natives.

To progress in this quest, enter the cabin near Sister Eugenia and thoroughly investigate the area. Follow the remaining waypoints until you encounter Chief Ler. Before talking to him, it is recommended to save your progress. During the conversation with Chief Ler, you will have the opportunity to use your Charisma. If successful, you can proceed with the quest. However, if you fail, consider reloading and trying again.

After your encounter with Chief Ler, proceed to talk to Vindwal. Ensure that you have at least Level 1 Intuition to get her talking. She will provide you with the location of the stolen tablets and warn you against taking the left path, which she claims is a trap. However, taking the left path will lead to a favorable outcome for this quest. Not only will you avoid a fight with the thieves, but you will also have the chance to defuse traps and claim them for yourself.

Before reaching the fork, take a moment to set up a camp area. This will serve as a safe haven and a convenient location to return to later in the quest. Use the camp area to rest, replenish your supplies, and strategize your next moves.

As you make your way back, you will come across Vindwal once again. Engage in a conversation with her, and depending on your earlier choices, you may gain a +1 reputation with the Natives. Follow her instructions to retrieve the stolen tablets. Once you have them in your possession, return to Eden using the camp area you set up earlier. By doing so, you will earn +2 reputation with Theleme, 1300 XP, and 50 Gold Coins as a reward for your efforts.

After completing the Trouble in Eden quest, you will unlock the next quest in the series, Theological Conflicts.