One of the main elements in an RPG game is the inclusion of boss fights. These fights occur at the end of main missions and reward players with gold and valuable items upon defeating them. This guide provides tips and details on how to beat the Tree Creature boss in GreedFall.


Location and Background

The Tree Creature can be found in Teer Fradee at the conclusion of the main quest titled “The Great Departure.” Progressing through the game requires defeating this boss. Since this encounter takes place early in the game, players may not have acquired many skills, making it a challenging battle. The Tree Creature appears near the dock, destroying one side of the ship, and initiating the fight.

GreedFall Tree Creature Boss Fight Tips

Tip 1: Maintain Distance

A crucial aspect of this boss fight is to keep your distance from the Tree Creature at all times. This strategy is particularly advantageous for mages, but close-combat mercenaries may face more difficulty. The boss possesses powerful attacks that can cause significant damage, potentially resulting in your character’s death in just 3-4 hits. Therefore, it is essential to stay as far away as possible and exercise patience. Avoid charging recklessly to minimize the risk of being attacked.

Tip 2: Observing Attack Patterns

When the boss is about to attack, it performs a small jump before slamming down on you. Pay close attention to this jumping animation as it indicates an imminent attack. Prepare to dodge and counter-attack during this brief window. Always lock onto the boss to ensure you can see its attacks clearly. By doing so, you can anticipate its ranged attack, where it throws a metal plate from behind its back. When locked on, you can easily dodge this projectile.


Tip 3: Exercise Patience

As mentioned earlier, patience is key in this boss fight. Wait for the opportune moment to launch your own attacks. Employ a defensive strategy, focusing on dodging and counter-attacking. With careful timing and precise execution, you can gradually whittle down the boss’s health and emerge victorious.

Additional Tips

  1. Utilize Elemental Magic: If playing as a mage, exploit the Tree Creature’s elemental weaknesses. Experiment with different types of spells and magic to discover their vulnerabilities and deal maximum damage.
  2. Enhance Your Weapons: Prioritize upgrading your weapons and equipment before facing the Tree Creature. Stronger gear can significantly boost your chances of success in the fight.
  3. Utilize Companion Abilities: If you have companions accompanying you, utilize their unique abilities to aid in the battle. Coordinate your attacks and support each other to overcome the boss more efficiently.
  4. Study the Environment: Pay attention to your surroundings during the fight. There may be environmental hazards or objects that can be used to your advantage. Exploit these elements to weaken the Tree Creature and gain an upper hand.
  5. Consumables and Healing: Stock up on healing items and consumables before engaging in the boss fight. Regularly replenish your health to ensure you can withstand the boss’s attacks and survive longer in the battle.

By employing these strategies, observing attack patterns, and practicing patience, you can defeat the Tree Creature boss in GreedFall. Adapt your tactics to your character’s abilities and playstyle, and remember to make use of available resources and companions.

This marks the end of our GreedFall Tree Creature boss guide. If you need more help with the game check out GreedFall factions, fast travel points, and party management.