GreedFall has a vast array of side quests in its immersive world. One such intriguing side quest in GreedFall is “Theological Conflicts.” To complete this side quest you must put aside your weapons momentarily and rely on your detective skills and dialogue abilities. In this walkthrough, we will guide you through every step of completing the Theological Conflicts side quest in GreedFall.


How to Start Theological Conflicts Side Quest in GreedFall

To kick off the Theological Conflicts side quest, you must first complete the “Trouble in Eden” side quest and the main quest “Face to Face With The Demon.” Both quests serve as prerequisites for unlocking and initiating Theological Conflicts. Once these prerequisites are met, the quest will automatically commence.

How to Complete Theological Conflicts in GreedFall

After completing the necessary quests, your first objective is to speak with the scientists who have just concluded their research. Inquire about their progress and gather any valuable information they may have uncovered. Following this, approach Brother Fidelis and Naut, requesting their assistance. They will provide you with an antidote, which you must then deliver to Brother Fidelis himself.

With the antidote in hand, your next destination is the Theologists’ Camp. To reach the camp, venture towards Vedvilvie, where a new path has been unlocked. This path will guide you to the camp’s location. Once you arrive, engage in conversations with the various members of the expedition. Some may choose to continue their research, while others may opt to depart. During these discussions, you will be tasked with investigating the case of the missing individuals.

As you proceed through the Theological Conflicts questline, you will encounter marked points on the map that require your attention. Explore these locations and search the corpses, paying close attention to the autopsy. It is recommended to possess a Science level of at least 2 to perform a thorough examination. Alternatively, you can bring Siora or another companion with you who possesses the necessary expertise.

Upon examining the corpses, a shocking revelation will be unveiled. The members of the expedition were not simply victims of unfortunate circumstances; they were intentionally killed and their deaths concealed. At this point, you should approach Brother Virgil and engage in a conversation with him. During your discussion, Brother Virgil will confess to his crimes, leaving you with several options to proceed.

You now find yourself at a crossroads, with three distinct choices lying before you. The path you choose will shape the outcome of the quest and have repercussions on your reputation with Theleme and other characters. Let’s explore each option and see what are the best choices:

  1. Reveal Virgil’s Deeds: Opting to expose Brother Virgil’s actions will result in a confrontation with him. While you gain +2 reputation with Theleme for your honesty, you will be forced to engage in a battle with Brother Virgil. After defeating him, speak with his sister Eugenia, but be aware that your reputation with Theleme will decrease by 1 due to the loss of Brother Virgil’s life. Eugenia will then entrust you with further tasks relating to excavations.
  2. Convince Virgil to Leave the Expedition: Choosing this path will lead to Brother Virgil’s departure from the expedition. In return, you will receive 50 gold coins and earn +1 reputation with Theleme. Take a moment to converse with Eugenia after completing this option to solidify your newfound reputation.
  3. Accept Virgil’s Bribe: If you decide to accept Brother Virgil’s bribe of 100 gold coins, your reputation with Theleme will increase by +3. However, it’s essential to note that if Siora is in your party, you will lose 1 reputation point with her. Engage in another conversation with Virgil after accepting the bribe to solidify your strengthened ties with Theleme.

Regardless of the path you choose, completing the Theological Conflicts side quest will reward you with 1,600 XP and unlock the subsequent quest, “In the Footsteps of Saint Matheus.” This new quest will propel you further into the captivating world of GreedFall, offering fresh challenges and opportunities to explore.