GreedFall is an immersive role-playing game that takes players on a thrilling journey filled with quests, mysteries, and intriguing characters. One of the notable side quests in the game is “The Trial,” which challenges players to uncover the truth and bring justice to Dr. Asili. In this comprehensive walkthrough, we will guide you through each step of the quest, providing detailed instructions and tips to help you successfully complete “The Trial” in GreedFall.


How to Start The Trial Side Quest in GreedFall

To initiate the “The Trial” side quest, you must first complete “The Experiments of Dr. Asili” side quest. Once that quest is finished, it’s time to contact the lawyer and delve into the case. Start by speaking to the lawyer and discussing the details of the trial. This conversation will unlock several additional quests related to “The Trial.”

How to Complete The Trial Side Quest in GreedFall

To build a solid case against Dr. Asili, you will need to gather testimonies from various individuals and collect evidence to support your claims. The first witness you should approach is Aphra. Speak with Aphra, either when she is at your party or at the mansion, and ask her about Dr. Asili.

Next, make your way to the Nauts and convince them to testify against Dr. Asili. This can be achieved by repelling an attack on the Nauts by their enemies. Once they are safe, they will agree to testify.

After securing the Nauts’ support, it’s time to head back to Dr. Asili’s lab. Explore his quarters thoroughly and search for evidence that will strengthen your case. Inside a chest in his office, you will even discover a legendary gun.

The next group you should approach is the researchers at Hikmet’s lab. Speak to them and request their testimony. They will be happy to cooperate if you allow them to go free.

Finally, you must convince Dr. Onur to testify against Dr. Asili. This can be accomplished by utilizing your intuition at level 3 or through Aphra’s intervention. Choose the approach that best suits your character’s abilities and the decisions you have made throughout the game.

Once you have gathered all the necessary testimonies and evidence, it’s time to examine a sample of black powder. Take the sample to the attorney and seek the assistance of the doctor’s assistants in analyzing it. This analysis will provide crucial information that will further strengthen your case.

Present the Evidence to Start the Trial

With all the evidence in hand, return to the attorney and submit everything you have collected. This will mark the beginning of the trial. Prepare yourself for a challenging and intense courtroom experience.

As the trial commences, you will have the opportunity to present your evidence and confront Dr. Asili. Carefully articulate your arguments, using the testimonies and evidence you have gathered to support your claims. The outcome of the trial will depend on your ability to present a compelling case against Dr. Asili.

After the intense courtroom proceedings, a cutscene will play, revealing the aftermath of the trial. Exit the palace and join Aphra as you head to the execution site. Experience the emotional conclusion of “The Trial” quest as justice is served.

Completing “The Trial” side quest in GreedFall will not only bring justice to Dr. Asili but also reward you with valuable experience points. Lastly, you will earn a reputation boost with the Bridge Alliance.