GreedFall, an action-packed RPG, has captivated players with its intriguing storyline and thrilling quests. One such mission is the GreedFall The Spy from Theleme side quest, which serves as an essential part of the game’s narrative.


This guide offers a friendly, informative, and detailed walkthrough of this exciting quest, providing the support and guidance players need to conquer this challenge with ease. Let’s delve into the world of GreedFall and uncover the secrets of The Spy from Theleme.

How to Start Spy from Theleme Side Quest in GreedFall

Players must first complete The Admiral’s Secret Service mission. Successfully finishing this assignment will unlock the GreedFall The Spy from Theleme side quest, paving the way for an exhilarating new adventure.

With the quest unlocked, players should journey to San Matheus and commence their investigation. Explore the bustling port and engage with the locals to gather valuable information.

Spy from Theleme Side Quest Walkthrough

Start by locating the Harbour Master’s Office and speaking with Second Mate Fernando. Inquire about a character named Alba to gain crucial insights.

After conversing with Fernando, head to the port and interact with the Nauts. They will provide directions to Alba’s father, an essential figure in this quest.

Once armed with the Nauts’ information, venture to the tavern where Alba’s father frequents. Please note that he only visits the establishment at night, so adjust your schedule accordingly.

Upon arriving at the tavern, seek out Master Laurens, Alba’s father. Engage in conversation and ask about his daughter to further your investigation.

GreedFall The Spy from Theleme Master Laurens

With the information gleaned from Master Laurens, head to Wenshaganaw. This location is integral to unearthing the elusive Ordo Luminis spy.

Once in Wenshaganaw, follow the waypoint to locate the sleuth. Upon spotting the individual, eavesdrop on their conversation to gather valuable intelligence.

Having overheard the conversation, approach the sleuth to confront them. Players have the option to utilize their Charisma skill or offer a bribe to halt the spy’s pursuit.

After successfully dealing with the sleuth, locate and release the captive islander. This act will bring the Spy from Theleme side quest to a triumphant close.

After completing the GreedFall The Spy from Theleme side quest, players will receive 1600 experience points and a +3 reputation boost with the Nauts. Additionally, the mission “Sub Rosa” will be unlocked, presenting new challenges and adventures.

Spy from Theleme Tips and Tricks

If the character Petrus is part of the player’s squad, his presence can be instrumental in convincing the Ordo Luminis detective to abandon their mission.

Remember that Alba’s father only appears at the tavern during nighttime. Adjust your in-game schedule accordingly to ensure a successful rendezvous.