In GreedFall, players can complete a ton of side quests one such quest is “The Experiments of Dr. Asili,” which takes players on a journey through a guarded laboratory. This walkthrough will guide you through the quest step-by-step, providing tips and strategies to help you complete GreedFall’s The Experiments of Dr. Asili Side Quest. But first, let’s talk about how to start this side quest.


How to Start The Experiments of Dr. Asili in GreedFall

To begin “The Experiments of Dr. Asili” quest, you must first complete the previous side quest, “At the Center of the Rebellion.” Once you’ve accomplished this task, head towards the lab, which is conveniently located just up the street from your residence on the left.

As you approach the lab, you’ll notice two guards stationed at the entrance, preventing you from entering through the main door. However, there is a clever alternative. To the right of the entrance, you’ll find a spot where you can climb up onto the scaffolding. Make your way across and descend the ladder to access the inside of the lab property.

How to Complete The Experiments of Dr. Asili in GreedFall

Upon entering the lab, you’ll be directed to take the path on the right. Be prepared to encounter several groups of guards and three groups of prisoners along the way. To progress the quest, you must speak with one of the prisoner groups before receiving the objective to find Dr. Asili.

Navigating through the lab can be challenging, but fear not. I recommend following the wooden walkway down and entering the first door on the right. Proceed through the subsequent door on the left to find a group of prisoners who are relatively unguarded. Engage in conversation with them to advance the quest.

Once you’ve spoken to the prisoners, it’s time to make your way up to the lab building. Retrace your steps and ascend to the top of the wooden walkway. From there, follow the path to the left. At the door, dispatch the two guards and enter the lab.

Inside the lab, you’ll encounter a group of approximately six guards waiting for you. Defeat them to proceed. Next, enter the door to the right of your initial entry point. In this room, you’ll find a scientist who claims they were coerced into working for Dr. Asili. Here, you face a critical decision: either stop them or let them leave. In my playthrough, I chose to let them leave, as their testimony against Dr. Asili proved invaluable in the subsequent quest.

Before leaving this room, explore the left side to discover the key to the doctor’s office. This key will prove essential later on. Additionally, don’t forget to enter the room at the bottom of the stairs on the left. Inside, you’ll find the key to the experimentation room and the three keys to the prisoner cells.

Confront Asili

With the necessary keys in hand, proceed upstairs and locate a document on a counter to the right. This document details the experiments conducted by Dr. Asili and serves as valuable evidence against him. Make sure to pick it up for later use.

Now, it’s time to enter the doctor’s office and confront him directly. Engage in dialogue, asking him a single question that will undoubtedly confirm his guilt. Dr. Asili, unwilling to comply, forces you into combat alongside his two guards. Defeat them and then face the doctor himself.

At this point, you have a choice: either kill Dr. Asili or apprehend him. I opted for the latter, believing that justice should prevail through due process. While in the doctor’s office, be sure to search the corner of the room where you’ll find a chest containing a vial of dark powder and a letter to the doctor from another physician. This letter reveals that Constantin and De Sardet were poisoned by Dr. Asili upon their arrival on the island. Another chest in the corner holds a new cog that will prove useful later in your journey.

Rescue the Prisoners

After dealing with Dr. Asili, it’s time to focus on rescuing the prisoners. Begin by returning to the cells, being cautious of the four guards near the shack at the top of the path. Inside the shack, you’ll find another key and a note indicating that the mechanism leading to the tunnels is broken – this is where the cog comes into play.

To free the prisoners, follow the path in a northerly direction through the tunnel. Take a left turn to encounter the last group of guards. Dispatch them and proceed to the end of the tunnel. Enter the door with a chain strung across from the top to the wall – this is where the final group of prisoners is held captive.

Once you’ve liberated all the prisoners, retrace your steps out of the cell area. At the top of the path, turn right and continue until you reach the gate. Eliminate the three guards stationed there and either repair the cog (requires Craftsmanship 2) or use the new cog found in the doctor’s office.

Kill the Dosantats

With the gate fixed, all the prisoners will appear as you enter the tunnel. Prepare for a challenging encounter with a group of six Dosantats. Utilize stealth to eliminate at least one before engaging in direct combat with the remaining foes.

The next group you’ll face consists of more Dosantats. By shooting them first, you can bring them to the ground, making it easier to finish them off using your melee weapon.

The final group you’ll encounter is a mix of Tenlans and Yorglans. The area may feel confined, so be strategic in your approach. If necessary, retreat down the path slightly, but avoid going too far, as the beasts will regenerate health and armor. A combination of firearms and melee attacks proved effective in my experience.


Having triumphed over the beasts, continue further through the tunnel, eventually exiting into the open. Make your way to Governor Burhan to share the discoveries you made in the lab. This will not only complete the quest but also earn you 1900 XP. Additionally, a new turban awaits you in your chest. Completing this side quest will unlock The Trial side quest in GreedFalll.