GreedFall, the action-packed role-playing game, has a side quest called “The Enemy Within.” This side quest follows “Sub Rosa” and challenges you to uncover the truth behind the mysterious Captain Ruben. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of completing GreedFall’s The Enemy Within side quest.


How to Start The Enemy Within Side Quest

To begin The Enemy Within Side Quest in GreedFall, ensure that you have completed the Sub Rosa quest. After wrapping up Sub Rosa, you’ll be ready to embark on this new adventure.

Start by speaking with the three crew members located at the end of the pier near the ship. Lauro, one of the crew members, will inform you that Captain Ruben frequents the tavern.

Upon entering the tavern, locate Gretchen, who can be found to the left of the entrance. Engage her in conversation to learn more about Captain Ruben’s activities.

Gretchen is initially hesitant to share details about Captain Ruben. To persuade her, you can offer her a job as a courtesan or bribe her with 100 coins. Once she agrees, Gretchen will disclose that Ruben has ambitious plans to become a prominent and wealthy figure.

How to Complete The Enemy Within in GreedFall

After gathering information from Gretchen, it’s time to keep an eye on Captain Ruben. If necessary, rest until nighttime and then position yourself behind the tattoo artist across from the Admiral. You’ll soon spot Captain Ruben making his way to the Eastern gate.

Tail Captain Ruben

Make sure to maintain a safe distance while following Captain Ruben, ensuring you don’t lose sight of him. He will eventually cross the bridge and head towards a rock that was previously used as a dead drop in the Sub Rosa quest.

Deciding When to Intervene

At this stage, you have two choices: intervene immediately or wait to see what Captain Ruben places in the box. If you choose to confront him on the spot, you won’t discover who he’s selling secrets to. However, if you wait, you’ll find a message in the box indicating a meeting will take place that night.

Reporting to the Admiral

After learning about the upcoming meeting, return to the Admiral and inform her of your findings. Eager to witness the event, she’ll accompany you to the designated location.

Keep in mind that fast travel is unavailable during this part of the quest. You’ll need to make your way on foot to the cliff that overlooks the meeting area.

The Admiral, unable to contain her impatience, will charge into the meeting and initiate a fight. Although there’s a gunner among the group, the battle should not prove overly challenging.

Following the skirmish, the Admiral will return to the port, wounded. You’ll find a contract sealed by the coin guard on the buyer’s body, along with Captain Ruben’s journal.

To end The Enemy Within Side Quest, speak with the Admiral once more. You’ll be rewarded with 2200 XP and a healing necklace in your chest.