GreedFall is a thrilling action role-playing game that immerses players in a world filled with quests, intrigue, and adventure. Among the numerous side quests available in the game, The Admiral’s Secret Service is a particularly exciting and rewarding mission. In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed walkthrough of the GreedFall The Admiral’s Secret Service side quest, ensuring that you can successfully complete this mission and reap the rewards. So, let’s dive in!


How to Start The Admiral’s Secret Service Side Quest in GreedFall

To start the GreedFall The Admiral’s Secret Service quest, you must first speak with Admiral Cabral. This opportunity arises after completing the main mission called “Treason!” Once you’ve spoken with the Admiral, she will inform you of Captain Ruben’s suspicions that there may be a spy lurking among his crew members.

How to Complete The Admiral’s Secret Service

Head to the end of the port, where you will find Captain Ruben to the left of the Admiral. Question him about his suspicions and gather information about the crew members in question. Now that you have an idea of the potential suspects, it’s time to question the three crew members who you met at the beginning of the game. Gather information from each of them and pay close attention to any hints or clues that they may provide.

One of the crew members, Lauro, suggests checking out the tavern for more information. Make your way to the tavern and be prepared for a possible altercation.

Upon entering the tavern, you’ll find an argument in progress. You can choose whether to intervene or not, but it’s worth trying to diffuse the situation to avoid any unnecessary conflict. You can use your character’s charisma or other skills to persuade the brawlers to end the fight.

After dealing with the brawl, speak with the guard at the top of the stairs. He will direct you to a soldier on leave, who can be found by the bar. Question the soldier, and he will eventually reveal information about a secret dead drop location just outside of town.

As you leave the tavern and venture out of town, follow the directions provided by the soldier to locate the dead drop. This is a crucial part of the GreedFall The Admiral’s Secret Service quest, as it will lead you to the spy responsible for the suspicious activity.

Exit the tavern and head straight, then take a left out of the gate. Cross the bridge, and you will notice an area to the left with a distinctive rock formation. This is the dead drop location.

After you’ve found the dead drop, continue down the road and climb up to a cliff on the left that overlooks the dead drop site. From this vantage point, you can wait for the spy to arrive and collect the information left at the dead drop.

As night falls, keep a close eye on the dead drop location. Soon, you’ll see a suspicious person approach the dead drop.

When the spy arrives at the dead drop, he will be accompanied by a group of intoxicated individuals. Approach them and use your character’s charisma or other skills to persuade the drunkards to leave the area. Alternatively, you may have to bribe them to ensure their cooperation.

After the drunkards have left, follow the spy as he moves through the town. Eventually, he will meet up with a man who appears to be giving him orders.

Approach the duo and use your character’s charisma or other skills to persuade the man giving orders to reveal the messages he has received. If necessary, you may have to resort to threatening him, but be aware that this could negatively impact your reputation with the Alliance.

Once you have obtained the messages, return to Admiral Cabral to report your findings. Completing the GreedFall The Admiral’s Secret Service side quest will reward you with 1,300 XP, a +3 reputation bonus with the Nauts, and the opportunity to unlock “The Spy From Theleme” mission.