GreedFall Side Quests Guide – Best Choices, Gain Reputation

GreedFall side quests

The latest fantasy RPG from Spiders Studio brings a ton of side quests for us to complete. There are a plethora of them to do and in our GreedFall Side Quests guide, we will explain what you need to do to complete these side missions. Each quest is unique and is triggered by speaking with the quest giver or interacting with certain elements in the game.

GreedFall Side Quests

In the following section of the guide, we will discuss side mission descriptions, how to complete side quests, and how to get side quests. Completing side quests gives you favors with different characters and factions, rewards such as XP and coin, and information depending on the side mission you are doing.

The Charlatan

Quest Giver: During the main story missions “The Great Departure,” you will meet Sahin the Ambassador. Speak with him to get The Charlatan side quest.

Head over to the specified area and locate the alchemist trying to sell “a cure for everything.” Speak with the alchemist and try to get information about his new medicine which he claims is the cure for everything. When asked about the drug he will end the conversation quickly to avoid probe into his new drug.

Go to the right of the stall and through the metal door. You will see a chest where a letter is waiting for you. Pick up the letter and you will be attacked by a few thugs in this area, defeat the thugs and pick up the Charlatan antidote. Speak with the alchemist now and ask him to drink his potion which is won’t do; instead, he will run away. Chase the alchemist down to a tavern and head upstairs to find him in a room.

Push him for information and he will be forced to tell you about his experiments. Now, you are left with two choices and each has its own implication.

Choice #1 – Arrest him and you will quickly complete the objective. The fraud will end up in jail for his fake “cure for everything.” You will gain reputation with the Bridge Alliance by sending him to jail.

Choice #2 –  The second option you have is to help him escape the city.  This is a tricky option but we will tell you what will happen and what needs to be done. If you help with escape the city you’ll need to deal with the crowd near the tavern. You can discuss the issue with them, use your intuition, or simply ask them to leave. If you wish to make an agreement with them, you’ll need 6 health potions, and those must be bought from a merchant or trader. Without any potions a fight will break and you will lose 1 reputation point with the Congregation of Merchant. So what will you gain from this? You get 80 gold from the alchemist.

The good news is that you will still gain reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Head back to Sahin and tell him that the Alchemist will no longer be an issue. You can lie to Sahin about helping the Alchemist (if you did), and you will still gain a reputation point and 1000XP.

Disappearance among the Nauts

Quest Giver: Speak with Vasco in the Great Departure quest. Vasco wants to know what’s going on with the disappearing Naut recruits.

Speak with Laura about the Naut recruits and she will direct you to a tavern. Go to the specified location, enter the tavern and speak with the innkeeper as well as the suspicious customer. Both of them will give you information that’ll direct you to the kidnappers of the Naut recruits. Speak with Lady Fontaine and you will know what’s going with the disappearing recruits.

Head back to Vasco and let him know what you learned about the ongoing problem. Now speak with Mr. De Courcillon to get further evidence about the entire case. Then head to Lady Fontaine’s estate and locate the note on the ground floor. Go to the designated warehouse, down the stairs.

There are two ways to complete this.

Choice #1 – Use Charisma or everything you know from Sir De Courcillion to complete this without bloodshed. If you complete this side quest without bloodshed you’ll gain +2 reputation points for the Congregation of Merchant.

Choice #2 – Complete this with bloodshed which is the easier way to go. However, you will lose reputation points with the Congregation of Merchant.

Jonas is in the cell, release him and go back to Vasco to complete the Disappearance among the Nauts side quest. You will get 1000XP.

The Man With the Silver Coin

Quest Giver: The quest kick off once you manage to complete Coin Guard Merchandise side quest. You will find that quest elsewhere in this GreedFall side quest guide.

Once you have the quest go to the market to speak with multiple merchants and try to convince one of them to help you. There are two ways to get them to help you, Charisma and Bride. It will take 100 pieces of gold for a merchant to help you. If someone agrees to help you, wait two in-game days before the situation moves forward. You can wait for a while and do other things or head home and get some sleep to speed up the process.

Now that two days have passed, come back to speak with the merchant. Go and hide in the ally behind his stall and wait for the blackmailers to show up. Deal with them and loot their bodies. Looting their bodies will give you the location of the man you are looking for. Go to the specified location and watch the cut-scenes. Once the cut-scene is over, follow the man but make sure you aren’t spotted.

After a short time of following him, you will end up in a fight with the man you were following. Deal with him and loot his body for more clues. Now, head to Manfred’s and share the details of your side quest to complete the quest. You will earn +3 reputation with the Coin Gaurd faction, 1300XP, and 50 gold.

An Aspiring Merchant

Quest Giver: New Serene, after speaking with Constantine.

Speak with the merchant before heading to the Coin Guard Barracks. Find the captain and ask for permission to trade. Go to the specified location and talk to the Minister. Use your Charisma to convince him for permission to trade.

Go back to the merchant and hand over the permission. He will tell you that his product is stolen. Head back to the barracks and speak with the captain. Go to the floor below and speak with the prison in-charge. Here you will learn that the goods have disappeared. Head to the Coin Guard tavern and take part in the area fights. Select the option to fight alongside the prisoner. You must defeat two charging bulls and one warrior.

Win and head back to the merchant to tell him what happened. You will gain +2 Islanders reputation. The merchant will now tell you to speak with the leader of Vignamri, Ullan. You can find Ullan in Glendgnamvar “The Shore of the Tall Bones.”

Talk to Ullan to complete the quest and get 1400XP.  Accept his offer to get “A Peculiar Alliance” side quest.

A Peculiar Alliance

Quest Giver: Speak with Ullan, the leader of Vignamri to trigger the side quest.

Head over to the Hikemet Region and talk to the Governor of Burhan. Your conversation with him will lead to another side quest “Attack of Caravans.” Use the map indicator to locate a merchant who is harassed by the soldiers. There are multiple choices here – you can threaten them, use Charisma, or use your intuition to save a man.

Give the trade permit to the merchant and head back to Ullan to tell him about the upcoming emissary. You must wait two hours before going back in to speak with Ullan yet again. Now you go to the Vighulgsob Village in the Magasvar “The Vale of the Great Battle.”

Find and talk to Mordun; you will either be able to use Charisma to convince him or let Siora clarify the situation.

Go back and speak with Ullan, tell him what happened. You will now have 6 hours to join the peace talks. Head to the specified area and stop the ambush set for Murdun. Now return to Ullan; speak with a treacherous man and gain +4 reputation with Natives faction. Complete the secondary mission and get 1900XP.

Attack on Caravans

Quest Giver: During the side mission “A Peculier Alliance,” speak with Governor Burhan.

Speak with Captain Reinhild and she will direct you to the merchants who managed to survive the assault. Speak with them and go to the location of the caravan attack. Head over to the location and search for clues before moving to the next indicated area. Kill the beast and search the human body nearby.

Keep following the map to reach the Rebels. Kill them and move forward where you will find another Rebel in a camp you can talk to. You have the option to fight or leave them alone. Now head over to Captain Reinhild and let her what happened. Sparing the Rebel’s life will get you +2 reputation with the Bridge Alliance faction and 1400XP.

Champion Of The Arena

Quest Giver: Go to the arena at the Coin Guard Tavern and join the arena.

The Coin Tavern area is where you can take down waves of enemies. Each wave is tougher than the last.  The challenge is made up of 5 rounds and each round puts you in 3 battles with various enemies. Your HP will restore between battles but enemies get tougher with each battle. It is best to start the area battles when your character has more skill and power. However, you can test your might very early on in GreedFall.

The Coin Giard Tavern area is a great place to earn XP. Moreover, if you manage to take down the boss – Nadaig Menaeimen you can 100XP and two-handed sword. The boss has a lot of armor so Dodge and parry his attacks, heal your companions with Magical Healing and Mass Healing abilities.


Quest Giver: San Matheus, reading a letter outside the house.

Go and have a conversation with the Natives who live in a forest near San Matheus. You will need to find the inquisitor Claudius’ house. Head to the marked area on the map and pick up the letter. When you come outside home you will come across a bunch of inquisitors but it won’t end up in a fight.

Head over to inquisitor Claudius’ office and open the chest to find his notes. Go back to the natives and tell them what happened. Inquisitor will show up so you need to deal with him.  Win the fight and speak with the natives to complete the Inquisition Side Quest. You will get +2 reputation with the Natives and 1600XP.

Trouble in Eden

Quest Giver: Mother Cardinal in San Matheus

In the Black Lands, talk to Father Lustinius and theologians about the Eden and the theft before investigating the cabin. Talk to Ler and Vidwal to learn about the locations of the tablets and talk to Bran once you go there.

Either threaten him or use your charisma to persuade him to return them. With tablets retrieved, return to Eden to receive +2 Theleme reputation and 1300 XP.

The Admiral’s Secret Service

Quest Giver: Admiral after completing Treason!

Speak to Ruben and his crew and go inside the tavern to put an end to the brawl by killing all the enemies. Give the man some alcohol to learn about the delivery location.

Go to the location and wait for the suspicious person to arrive. Follow him to the town and either threaten him or use to charisma. After making your choice, return to Ruben to receive 3 Naut reputation and 1300 XP.

Exploration & Cartography

Quest Giver: Speak with Mr. De Courcillion at New Serene to get this quest.

Completing this quest isn’t easy as it can turn out to be a game-long side mission for GreedFall players. You will have to find many camping sites at various locations on the map. They are fast travel points, places to heal and speak with Companions. All of these areas are marked with a “?” so it is easy to find them. However, you will have to explore a lot in order to unlock them all.

Heretic Hunt

Quest Giver: Get the quest from the Cardinal in the Theleme embassy.

Your main goal is to deal with some heretics that are causing trouble around the area. Speak with the captain of the boat and he will help you find the heretics. The people you are looking for are at the warehouse in the Naut area. Proceed to arrest them and you will end up in a fight with them. Kill all of them and earn +3 reputation with Theleme and 50 Gold.

The Spy from Theleme

Quest Giver:  Complete Mrs. Admiral’s Intelligence.

Go to the port of San-Matheus and explore the area. Ask for Alba and head to the tavern to speak with her father. You can only find him at the tavern during the night.

Speak with the man about Alba and go look for Ordo Luminis, a spay. Head to Wenshaganaw “Singing Waters” and eavesdrop the man. Speak with Johannes, you can bribe him with 200 Gold or use your Charisma ability.

Go to the captured Islander and free him to complete the quest. You will get 1400XP, +3 reputation with the Nauts and Sub Rosa side quest will begin.

Sub Rosa

Quest Giver: Complete “The Spy from Theleme” side quest to get this side missions. The Spy from Theleme can be found elsewhere in this side quests guide.

Head over to Wenshaveye and speak with the guide there. He will inform you of the existence of caves. Head to the cave but beware there will be a powerful mini-boss. We suggest you sneak into the caves to make sure you survive in case you aren’t strong enough.

Head inside and start tracing Alba but keep in mind there are multiple beats in the area. The problem with this quest is that there is no way to save -2 reputation with the Nauts. As soon as you find the body of Alba, you will lose reputation. The good is that you can get it back in the next quest.

Investigate the body of Alba to complete this side mission in GreedFall. You will earn 1900XP and “The Enemy Within” side quest will trigger.

The Enemy Within

Quest Giver: Find Alba’s body in the cave during “Sub Rosa” side quest to trigger “The Enemy Within.”

Alba’s body was found in the cave so after investigating the body head back to Admiral Cabral to discuss the case. Speaking with Cabral gets you +3 reputation with the Nauts to make up for the lost -2 reputation which you had no control over.

Interview the new team before going to the tavern and taking to Getchen. Head to the specified location to follow captain Reuben.

Carefully follow the target until it reaches the destination. Once there rest or wait to see what he threw inside the box. Wait to make the arrest and look in the boxes. Meet up with Admiral and tell her the full story.

Go to the location of the secret meeting and fight the enemies alongside Cabral. Afterward, search the bodies. Speak with the Admiral to complete The Enemy Within and get +5 reputation with the Nauts 2200XP.


Quest Giver: Speak with Manfred in New Serene

Quest the innkeeper at the tavern and discuss his product issues. Head to the docks to question by Customs Officer to know about the missing key. You can find the key at the end of the pier, get the key and open the chest nearby.

Speak with the Customs Officer about the evidence you were able to find. You can bribe him or use your intuition. Go to the marked location and hide behind a wooden fence and see the cut-scenes. There are two choices here:

Choice #1 – Save Alric

Choice #2 – Chase Egon

It is best to save Alric because Egon can be taken down later. Speak with Alric and get the dispensary assignment.

Go to Hikmet and head to the specified area and you will come across some guards. Attack them to enter the area. Go in and you will fight some more enemies including Ludwig. Kill his allies and speak with Ludwig.

Head back to New Serene speak with Manfred to complete this quest. You will earn +3 reputation with Coin Guard and 1600XP. You’ll also trigger “Dirty Traffic.”

Dirty Traffic

Quest Giver: Complete Conterband side quest

Have a chat with the Admiral then go to San Matheus. Investigate the barracks in the city, enter marked rooms and speak with the characters there. Go to the meeting place and travel to Tir Dob to get Derde’s help. You can use your intuition skill or let Siora persuade the woman.

Head to the Sawmill at San Matheus where prisoners are kept. Fight the guards in this area and release the prisoners safely. Loot the bodies of the enemies you killed for the key.

Hide behind the crates to ambush Egon’s allies and attack when they appear. Once done, head to Lieutenant Alexander then to Manfred in New Serene to complete this quest. You will earn +2 reputation with the Coin Guards and 1900XP.

Egon’s Face

Quest Giver: Complete Dirty Traffic

Speak with Ulri and head to the camp. Takedown the enemies here and arrest leaders of the pace. Investigate the illuminated rooms in the building and locate a letter or a bottle of poison.

The evidence here must be handed over to Manfred in New Serene. Your goal now is to arrest the real Egon so head to the square next door and fight the men to complete the quest. You will earn +2 reputation with the Coin Guards and 2200XP for your troubles.

Theological Conflicts

Quest Giver: Complete Trouble Eden, and Face to Face with the Demon Main Quest.

Speak with the scientists about the progress of their research. Now head over to brother Fidelis, speak to him and the Naut nearby to ask for their help. Get the antidote and speak with brother  Fidelis.

Get the location of the Theologists camp. Now go to Vedvilvie and locate the new unlocked path there. The path will take you to the camp, talk to the members of the expedition and you will find out that some of them want to stay and continue the research while others will leave. Investigate the case of the missing members and get to the marked points on the map. Investigate the corpses, an autopsy requires Science 2. You can also have Siora or another companion with you.

The case comes down to the fact that members of the expedition were killed and it is a cover-up.  Speak with Virgil and the man will plead guilty.

Choice #1 – Tell everything Virgil has done and you will get +2 with Theleme, but you must fight Virgil. Kill him and speak with Eugenia and you will lose -1 reputation with Theleme. From here on Eugenia will entrust you with more excavations duties.

Choice #2 – Tell the man to leave the expedition and you earn 50 gold and +1 reputation after talking with Eugenie.

Choice #3 – Get 100 Gold from Virgil is an option. If you take Siora with you will lose -1 reputation with her. After you speak with Eugenia, send her and her companions home. Talk to Virgil and get +3 reputation with Theleme. Now Theleme will be the one giving you more side quests.

No matter what you choose you get 1600XP and unlock side quest In The Footsteps of Saint Matheus.

In the Footsteps of Saint Matheus

Quest Giver:  Complete side quest “Theological Conflicts.”

Basically, your goal is to follow in the footsteps of Saint Matheus. The path isn’t easy to find but try to reach the first camp and stick to the right side of the map.  As you move along you will come across a ledge you must climb.

Keep going and you will come across another camp as well as a mini-boss. You will face Nadaig Magamen that attacks with a long spear. Defeat the boss and locate the cave nearby where Saint Matheus was. Investigate the area with frescoes and take the stone tablets to complete the quest. You will get 1900 XP and get another side quest “Saint and Wild.”

Saint and Wild

Quest Giver: Complete “In the  Footsteps of Saint Matheus.”

When you have the tablets take them back to the camp and get +2 reputation with Theleme. Speak with either Virgil or Eugenia. From here on you will have two options you can give the tablet to Virgil or Eugenia. If you expelled the Virgil during Theological Conflicts you can keep the tablets for yourself, locate the man and finish the mission according to his request.

Choice #1 – Give the tablets to Eugenia and earn +1 reputation with Theleme. Virgil will arrive, kill him and his allies. You will go to Mother Cardinal in San Matheus to tell her everything. Use Charisma and Intuition to get the tablet messages from her. You can discuss the Ordo Luminis attacks and have Siora with you. You can also discuss the discoveries found in the tablets. You will get +3 reputation with Theleme.

Choice #2 –  Give the tablets to Virgil (find him in the Tir Dob if you supported Eugenia during Theological Conflicts). You will be asked to return to the case of San Matheus and destroy it. Eugenia and her allies will come to stop you, kill everyone and continue planting explosives. Wait 24 hours before returning to Virgil to complete the quest. You will get +3 reputation with Theleme.

2200XP is up for grabs no matter what you do.

This guide is a work in progress, more side quests will be added soon.

If you need more help with GreedFall, check out our achievements, and companions guide. This marks the end of our GreedFall Side quests guide.