GreedFall has plenty of companions that you can romance. You need to be either male or female to romance some of them but others like it both ways. In this GreedFall romance guide, we are going to walk you through how you can romance your companions in the game.


How To Romance Companions In GreedFall

In order to romance companions in GreedFall you need to talk to them. You have to say the right things at the right time and also need to complete their personal quests. You can check out our companions side quests guide for more information on them. Romancing companions can be a bit tricky as they can be offended easily. Try not to get on their bad side as they can even attack you.

GreedFall Romance

The following is what you need to know about romancing different characters in the game:


Kurt is straight so you will need to be a female character in order to romance him.


Aphra is straight as well so you will need to be a male character to romance her.


Siora is bisexual so you can romance her with a male or female character.


Vasco is bisexual as well. So you can romance him with a male or female character.

Increasing your relationship status with companions will give you bonuses. Petrus increases Charisma, Siora increases Vigor, Vasco increases Intuition, Kurt increases Craftsmanship, and Aphra increases Science.

This marks the end of our GreedFall romance guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Coin Arena Guide, which tells you how you can unlock the first arena in the game. You can also check out our Demoniacal Cult Mission Stones Puzzle guide that will walk you through how you can solve this puzzle.