GreedFall Party Management Guide: How to Manage your Party

GreedFall Party

Many games of this generation have a party system and so does GreedFall. Management of your party is a must in GreedFall. Throughout the entire game, you will meet many people who will join your party. You can manage and decide who you want on your party on a particular mission. Each individual has different abilities and can be useful in a specific mission. This guide will include all the details on the management of your party in GreedFall.

How to Manage Your Party In GreedFall

Management of a party in GreedFall is quite simple actually. Just head to the campfire at your camp and interact with it to call all of your comrades to gather up. Once they do, approach anyone and interact with the person to be able to select your team. You can have a maximum of two people in your party who will follow you at all times.

Different missions recommend different party members. In that way, all of your comrades can be useful once in a while. Try to pick out different kinds of class people to be your comrades like magic users, sword wielders and other classes too. You can deduce information by cutscenes and mission objectives to see who best fits to company you on your missions.

GreedFall Party

You might think some companions are useless because of the lower level armor and weapons they equip. Don’t worry at all because at the party management screen you can give your members new and improved equipment. So useless members can also be of use to you now. You can interact with party members to talk to them about important things.

This marks the end of our GreedFall Party Management Guide. If you need more help with the game check out character romancehow to craft, and memory crystal guide.