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How to Change and Manage Party in GreedFall

Many games of this generation have a party system, and so does GreedFall. Management of your party is a must in GreedFall. Throughout the game, you will meet many people joining your party.

You can manage and decide who you want in your party for a particular mission. Each individual has different abilities and can be helpful in a specific mission. This guide will include all the details on the management of your party in GreedFall.

How to Change Party in GreedFall

Changing party members in GreedFall allows players to strategically choose companions that best suit their objectives and interactions with NPCs.

Step 1: Finding a Suitable Location

To start change party members in GreedFall, you must be at either your residence or a campsite. These locations serve as safe havens where you can regroup and make adjustments to your party composition. Once you have arrived at one of these locations, proceed to the next step.

Greedfall party change process and party management.

Step 2: Assembling the Party

Look for the campfire icon within the vicinity. Interacting with the campfire will gather your GreedFall companions, lining them up in front of you. This formation allows for easier selection and management of your party members. Prepare yourself for the upcoming decision-making process by taking a moment to assess your current objectives and the strengths of your companions.

Step 3: Initiating Party Member Change

Approach each companion individually, interacting with them to open a screen that facilitates changing the party. This screen will present you with an overview of each companion’s abilities, traits, and connections to NPCs. Carefully review these details to make an informed decision about the composition of your party.

Step 4: Considering Connections and Abilities

While selecting your party members, keep in mind that each companion in GreedFall has unique connections with various NPCs in the game world. It is beneficial to have a companion who shares a strong relationship with NPCs you are likely to encounter during your journey. For instance, if you are engaging with the natives of Teer Fradee, bringing Siora along is recommended due to her familiarity and understanding of their culture.

Step 5: Maximizing Party Synergy

Consider the abilities and skills of your companions when forming your party. Each companion possesses distinct strengths that can complement your playstyle and objectives. For example, if you prefer a stealthy approach, selecting a companion with expertise in stealth and reconnaissance can greatly aid you in navigating challenging situations.

Step 6: Finalizing Your Selection

Once you have carefully assessed each companion’s connections and abilities, make your final decision by selecting the two companions who best align with your current goals. Remember that party composition can significantly impact your interactions, combat effectiveness, and quest outcomes, so choose wisely.

How to Manage Your Party In GreedFall

Management of a party in GreedFall is actually quite simple. Just head to the campfire at your camp and interact with it to gather all your comrades. Once they’ve assembled, approach any companion to select your team. You can have a maximum of two members who will always follow you.

Different missions recommend specific party members, making each companion useful in different situations. Choose comrades with diverse classes like magic users, sword wielders, and more. Cutscenes and mission objectives provide hints on who best fits your missions.

Don’t dismiss companions due to their lower-level gear. On the party management screen, equip them with new and improved equipment. Previously “useless” members can now be valuable allies. Interact with party members to discuss important matters.

How to Check Relationship Status With Companions in Your Party

To review your companions’ relationship status, navigate to the character tab. On the left side of the screen, you will find the hero’s relationships with various characters and factions. The designated location is indicated on the screen above for your convenience.

Greefall party management Check Relationship Status

How to Heal and Revive Companions in Your Party

Magical healing is one effective and speedy method to restore the health of both you and your companions. It serves as a reliable way to regenerate your companions’ health points.

How to Check Companion Status in Your Party

During active pause, you can easily observe the status of your hero and companions through icons located on the left-hand side of the screen. This allows for convenient monitoring of their conditions.

Greefall party management check companion status

In battles, the status of your hero, companions, and enemies is consistently displayed. This enables you to maintain control and stay informed about the events occurring within your team.

This marks the end of our GreedFall Party Management Guide. If you need more help with the game check out character romancehow to craft, and memory crystal guide.

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