GreedFall, a role-playing video game that invites you to a world of fantasy, combat, and adventure. Among the many challenges that await, the game presents various side bosses known as Nádaig, each with their own unique set of skills and rewards. In this guide, we will focus on Nadaig Vedemen and how to beat it in GreedFall.


In GreedFall, your skills will be put to the test early on as you square off against Nádaig Védemen, a mini-boss that lurks near the waters of Magasvar, also known as “The Valley Of The Great Battle.”

How to Summon Nadaig Vedemen

To summon Nadaig Vedemen you need to play the Face to Face with the Demon main quest in GreedFall. When you reach the point where an alter presents itself and you need a potion to activate it.

If you have the ability to craft potions at level 2 and the necessary ingredients, you can create a potion on a workbench. Similarly, if you have a lockpick skill level of 2, you can unlock a nearby locked chest that contains the potion.

Afterward, go back to the hermit and continue a bit further. You’ll come across a deceased scholar from the Bridge Alliance who has a key to a chest. Take the key and go back to the locked chest you previously encountered. Use the key to unlock it (the same chest that can be opened with a lockpick).

GreedFall Nadaig Vedemen Boss Fight

How to Beat Nádaig Védemen in GreedFall

The Nádaig Védemen has an array of attacks at its disposal. Its powerful tentacles can strike from a distance, spewing a dangerous acid that serves as a poison. It can also pounce at you and create perilous wooden spikes.

Defeating the Nadaig Vedemen can be a real pain. The key to winning is to avoid its poisonous cloud attack and stay alert against its vicious tentacles. Be especially careful of the tentacle strike since it’s the hardest to avoid.

The boss also does a basic smash attack, where it uses its long branch-like arms to try and crush you. Luckily, you can easily dodge this by rolling away.

To get the upper hand, focus on using attacks that wear down Nadaig Vedemen’s armor or try using magic attacks that bypass it completely. Use your fury bar effectively to stun the boss and create opportunities for yourself.

Using fury attacks not only deals a lot of damage but also allows your companions to join in, significantly increasing the overall damage dealt.

Once you defeat the Nadaig Vedemen, go back to Derdre and finish up the quest.