GreedFall – How To Upgrade Armor and Weapons

GreedFall Upgrade Armor

Many RPG games consist of a vast variety of weapons, armor sets and other equipment. GreedFall has its own set of equipments too. You will get a lot of weapons and armor sets throughout the game. Obviously, if you own these equipments you will need them to be highly upgraded to be used all the time. Merchants have the ability to upgrade your equipments so that you can get bonuses. In this GreedFall upgrades guide, we are going to walk you through how you can upgrade armor and weapons in the game.

How To Upgrade Armor And Weapons In GreedFall

All weapons and armor sets in the game have certain requirements to equip. These requirements can be either that a person should have certain stats or certain skills etc. Firstly if you want to upgrade your equipment you will need the Craftmanship talent.

Now you can head over to any merchant/blacksmith and interact with them to upgrade your equipment. Do bear in mind that if you want to upgrade a specific weapon or armor set you will need to equip it before upgrading it that is if you don’t have the skill learned yet.

GreedFall Upgrade Armor

Once interacting with the merchant/blacksmith you will now have to select the equipment you want upgrade. All of the weapon and armor sets can’t be upgraded. An upgradable item can be upgraded thrice. Each upgrade will change the stats by increasing them and some raise your talents. You should upgrade any equipment if you want to equip it for longer periods and that the talents will benefit you.

Some upgrades will require you to reach a certain level of Craftmanship to proceed. Upgrading your weapons and armor sets are a must if you tend to keep them for a longer period of time. Stats upgrade which happens upon upgrade is necessary as enemies increase in difficulty and if you don’t have your weapon upgraded at all you might find it difficult to deal with them.

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