Many RPG games consist of a vast variety of weapons, armor sets, and other equipment and the first thing that comes to mind is how you can upgrade armor and weapons in Greedfall. To answer this question we got you covered, GreedFall has its own set of equipment too. You will get a lot of weapons and armor sets throughout the game. Obviously, if you own this equipment you will need them to be highly upgraded to be used all the time. Merchants have the ability to upgrade your equipment so that you can get bonuses. In this GreedFall upgrades guide, we are going to walk you through how you can upgrade armor and weapons in the game.


How To Upgrade Armor And Weapons In GreedFall

In GreedFall, upgrading your weapons and armor is essential for boosting their strength and effectiveness. There are various methods available, and the most suitable one for you will depend on your playstyle and available resources. These three methods are

  • Upgrading at a Blacksmith
  • Upgrading Yourself
  • Using Upgrade Components
GreedFall Upgrade Armor

Upgrading at a Blacksmith

The primary approach to upgrading your gear is to visit a blacksmith. You can find Blacksmiths in major settlements. Their services are for a fee. The cost of an upgrade depends on the rarity and quality of the item upgraded.

To upgrade your gear at a blacksmith, access the crafting menu and select the desired item. The blacksmith will present you with a list of available upgrades, each providing distinct benefits like increased damage, improved armor, or enhanced resistance.


Upgrading Yourself

If you possess the Craftsmanship talent, you have the ability to upgrade your weapons and armor on your own. This allows you to save money on blacksmith fees and grants you greater control over the specific enhancements applied to your gear.

To upgrade your gear personally, you must obtain relevant crafting recipes. You can get these recipes through chest looting, quest completion, or purchasing from merchants. Once you possess the recipe, you can utilize it to upgrade your gear at a workbench.

Using Upgrade Components

Alongside crafting recipes, you will require upgrade components to enhance your gear. The specific type of component needed depends on the particular upgrade you are applying. You can see a detailed guide on all the Crafting recipes in Greedfall.

Best armor and weapon upgrades in Greedfall

In GreedFall, choosing the best armor and weapon upgrades is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness in combat. While the optimal upgrades may vary depending on your play style and character build, here are some general recommendations for enhancing your gear in GreedFall:


Best Weapon Upgrades In Greedfall

Damage Boost: Enhancing your weapon’s damage output is typically a top priority. Look for upgrades that increase base damage or add elemental damage.
Critical Hit Chance: Upgrading your weapon to have a higher critical hit chance can significantly increase your overall damage output.
Status Effects: Some upgrades can add status effects to your weapon, such as poison or bleeding. These effects can provide additional damage over time.
Weapon Speed: Upgrading your weapon’s speed can improve your attack rate, allowing you to land more hits in a shorter amount of time.

Best Weapons

We have prepared a list of the Best weapons upgrades along with their location as well.

Weapons Location
The ScimitarHead to Glendgnamvar, The Shore of the Tall Bones. In the southeast, find a broken bridge. Underneath is a corpse with a key. Take the key and cross the broken bridge. On the other side, find a chest with the Scimitar.
The HammerHammer of the Forgotten God is an early legendary item. Earned by aiding Coin Guard in “The Man with the Silver Coin” quest in New Serene. You can also get this hammer by having friendly status with coin guard.
Light FlambergeTo obtain the Light Flamberge, go to Wenshaganaw, defeat bandits, and search near a bush-surrounded rock for the weapon.
Great ScytheDuring the “Quest for Panacea,” visit Frasoneigad, The Ancients’ Woods. Proceed to the Roots Passage, where you’ll find an altar. The weapon can be found beside the altar.
Forgotten Grand Sabre of Al SaadTo obtain it, complete the “Attack on San Mattheus” quest in the late game and loot it from a boss.

Best Armor Upgrades

Resistance Boosts: Prioritize upgrades that increase your resistance to different types of damage, such as physical, elemental, or status effects.
Health or Armor Rating: Look for upgrades that boost your maximum health or increase your armor rating, providing better overall protection.
Elemental Resistance: Upgrading your armor to have higher resistance against elemental damage can be particularly useful in certain encounters.
Stamina Regeneration: If your playstyle relies heavily on skills and abilities, consider upgrades that enhance your stamina regeneration rate.

Best Armor Sets

Although there is plenty of option in Greedfall for armor. But here is a list of a few armor sets that can help you boost your strength and effectiveness against enemies.

Armor Set How to get These Armor sets
The Major’s Collard Doublet setTo acquire the armor and gauntlets, go to the Hot Springs of Magasvar, and defeat the guardian in the Vale of the Great Battle. Loot the armor and gauntlets from a deceased Coin Guard along with a key. Take the key to the wooden tower near the Alliance outpost. Ascend the tower, and unlock a chest at the top to obtain the remaining set
The Warrior King’s outfit setTo get the boots and gloves, go west of Vigyigidaw village in Cerghanes. Follow the path through a tunnel to find a chest. Defeat the guardian at Steigar Falag, Rocky Steps, and loot the chest for the armor.
The Commander’s Armor SetComplete Kurt’s loyalty quest with the Coin Guard to obtain the key to a warehouse in San Matheus. Inside, find a chest with the whole set. If you have level 3 lockpicking, you can pick the lock; otherwise, complete Kurt’s questline to acquire the key.
Merchant Prince’s armor setTo get this armor set, travel to Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters. In a wooded area, defeat a tough guardian (recommended level 17). Find the dead merchant’s body nearby and take the key. Follow the river north and locate a chest containing the Merchant Prince set.
Saint Matheus Armor setTo get this armor, travel to Vedvilvie. In the “Origins of Theleme” quest, during the “Footsteps of Saint Matheus” quest, find the armor in a cave.

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