GreedFall Fast Travel Guide: Fast Travel, Unlock Fast Travel Points

GreedFall Fast Travel

Traveling to vast areas from vast areas can be a pain mostly in open or semi-open world games. Even mounts or other forms of transportation might take too long for you to reach a destination. In this GreedFall Fast Travel guide, we are going to walk you through how you can fast travel in the game.

Well, fast traveling solves this issue and lets you travel most places within a minute. GreedFall has a similar fast travel system that can help it’s players a lot.

How To Fast Travel In GreedFall

Fast Travel in GreedFall is basically the same as many other games out there. Fast Travel cannot be done anywhere to anywhere. To fast travel, you need to be at a fast travel point and select a fast travel point to go to. Fast Travel makes going to different areas easy and less time-consuming.

GreedFall Fast Travel

The mechanics of fast travel are quite simple just head to fast travel point at a nearby camp or some other place. Upon arriving interact with the point and you will see the map. You can hover around it and check where certain missions are taking place and then select a specific fast travel point to go to.

Fast Travel can be done most of the time and doesn’t take much time to reach somewhere. The more you explore the world in GreedFall the more fast travel points you will unlock. These points can be later fast traveled to. You can set up camps so that you can access a fast travel point. The marker for fast travel point on a map is unique and can be identified easily.

This marks the end of our GreedFall Fast Travel guide. If you’re interested in learning more about the game then check out our Drums Puzzle GuideSerene Locked Door Guide, and Crafting Guide.