GreedFall Crafting Guide: How To Craft Potions, Ammo, Consumables

GreedFall Crafting

GreedFall has plenty of items and consumables such as potions and ammo that you can buy from different vendors but you can craft them too. In this GreedFall crafting guide, we are going to walk you through how you can craft different items in the game.

Crafting Potions, Items And Ammo In GreedFall

In order to craft different items, you will need the Science Talent. There are three tiers of consumables in the game and each one needs a talent level in science in order to access. In simpler terms, the higher your science talent the better items you have access to.

Getting the science talent can be useful in other ways as well. It allows you to use explosives that break through weak points in walls. This can be very useful in different parts of the game.

GreedFall Crafting

You will need level two science to craft your own ammo. At level one, you are restricted to health potions. To craft a consumable you need to find a workbench. These are located in towns and you will have one in different camps. You can even find one in your residence in the city.

Interact with the workbench and navigate to the consumables section. Select the item that you want to craft. You will see the level of science that is required and the ingredients that you will need to craft the item. If you meet the requirements then you can craft the item.

Be sure to interact with any glowing items in order to ensure that you can plenty of items to craft with. You will find plenty of resources in the open world. These can be found in trees, crates, bushes, chests and even on the dead bodies of monsters that you kill on your journey.

This marks the end of our GreedFall crafting guide. For more information regarding the game check out our guides on Memory Crystals, Attributes and the Naut Costume.