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GreedFall: How to Unlock Companions, Romance Options


The world of GreedFall is massive but luckily you do not have to travel it on your own. You will find plenty of companions on your way. Each can assist you in the game. Every GreedFall companion has a unique story and mission that you must complete. In this GreedFall Companions guide, we will walk you through the various companions you will encounter during your journey.

Depending on your progression, there are five companions in the game who will accompany you on your epic journey in Teer Fradee. Some companions can be romanced, while others will remain “just friends.” To strengthen your bond with companions, you can complete their quests and romance quests. By completing these quests, you will increase your Friendship levels.

All GreedFall Companions, How to Unlock, and Romance Options

List of companions

  • Kurt
  • Vasco
  • Siora
  • Petrus
  • Aphra

How to Unlock Kurt

GreedFall Companions unlock Kurt and romance options.

Kurt is a master of melee combat and is capable of wearing heavy armor.

In GreedFall, the first companion you encounter is Kurt. You unlock Kurt early on in the game after creating your character. Kurt serves as your bodyguard and can wield various weapons. Depending on the weapon he wields, Kurt’s special attack will differ, allowing him to execute multiple special attacks. Your character shares a bond with Kurt, which can be strengthened by completing his companion quests. Additionally, Kurt has access to Endurance Potions that he can consume to replenish his stamina and maintain his performance in battle. Once you finish creating your character and meet Kurt, he grants you access to the Craftsmanship talent, which can be utilized at workstations.

  • Can I romance Kurt: Yes, you can romance Kurt but only as a female De Sardet.
  • How to Recruit Kurt: Exit character creation and play the opening section.
  • Kurt companion quests: Missing in Action, Among the Ghosts, Settling the Score.

Kurt Skills and Stats

HP: 1350
Strength: 1/5Weapons: All melee weapons
Endurance: 2/5Engagement Action: Balance potion
Agility: 1/5Special Attacks: Special move according to the equipped weapon

How to Unlock and Romance Vasco

GreedFall companions unlock Vasco and romance options.

Vasco is a skilled duelist in GreedFall, relying on his exceptional agility to compensate for his lack of heavy armor. He is also proficient in handling guns with ease.

Vasco is a highly sought-after companion in GreedFall. He is a member of the Naut of the Seas faction and specializes in wielding one-handed swords and guns. You encounter him during the “A Cure for Melichor” quest while spending time in Serene. Vasco possesses a formidable combat ability called the Secret Blade Technique, which involves swift and powerful slashes that deal a significant amount of damage to enemies. Additionally, Vasco has the ability to apply status effects to his weapons, such as coating them in poison, to inflict additional damage on his opponents. This companion has an Intuition talent that is unlocked after raising the Friendship levels. The Intuition talent can help with tough conversations and allow you to influence characters.

  • Can I romance Vasco: Yes, you can romance Vasco in GreedFall. The romance option is available for both male and female De Sardet.
  • How to Recruit Vasco: Complete “A Cure for Melichor” quest.
  • Vasco companion quests: A Name for a Family, Family Reunion, Forever a Naut.

Vasco Skills and Stats

HP: 750Weapons: One-handed blades and guns
Endurance: 0/5Engagement Action: Poisoned coating
Accuracy: 2/5Special Attacks: Secret blade technique
Agility: 2/5

How to Unlock and Romance Siora

GreedFall companions unlock  Siora and romance options

Siora, one of the standout companions in GreedFall, possesses a versatile skill set. You can recruit her after reaching the Governor’s Palace in New Serene during the “A Cure for Melichor” quest. Siora, the daughter of Queen Bládnid, is deeply committed to safeguarding her people and promoting their prosperity. As a native of Teer Fradee, she brings unique perspectives and abilities to the group.

Siora excels in a support role, employing light blades and harnessing the power of elemental magic in combat. Her attributes include Agility, Willpower, and Mental Power. Siora demonstrates remarkable proficiency with one-handed blades, similar to Vasco. Additionally, she has the ability to apply elemental coatings to her blades, enhancing their damage potential. As a support character, Siora can employ her special ability to restore the team’s health and armor, ensuring their well-being during challenging encounters.

  • Can I romance Siora: Yes, you can romance Siora as both male and female De Sardet.
  • How to Recruit Siora: Play “A Cure for Melichor” quest.
  • Siora companion quests: Find Queen Bládnid, Promises Set in Stone, The Queen’s Farewell.

Siora Skills and Stats

HP: 1125Weapons: One-handed blades
Mental Power: 2/5Engagement Action: Elemental coating
Will Power: 1/5Special Attacks: Restore the team’s health and armor
Agility: 1/5

How to Unlock Petrus

GreedFall companions unlock Petrus and romance options.

Petrus, a charismatic missionary of Theleme, is one of the GreedFall companions. He possesses a skill for captivating others with his words. Petrus is proficient in both long-range and close-quarters combat, utilizing armor to shield himself from incoming attacks. During the “Old Countries in a New World” quest, you come across Petrus.

In combat, Petrus showcases his abilities by utilizing divine magic rings for long-range engagements. His special attack, Shadow Burst, enables him to unleash a magical bolt at his enemies. This attack has the potential to stagger opponents, providing an opportunity for you to capitalize on and deliver additional strikes. Additionally, Petrus bestows upon you the Charisma talent, which proves invaluable during conversations. It enables you to persuade characters to undertake actions they might otherwise resist.

  • Can I romance Petrus: No, Petrus can not be romance in GreedFall.
  • How to Recruit Petrus: Play “Old Countries in a New World” quest.
  • Petrus companion quests: The Vices of the Mother Cardinal, Dangerous Bets, Sins of Father Petrus.

Petrus Skills and Stats

HP: 900Weapons: Divine magic ring
Mental Power: 2/5Engagement Action: Shield of the Enlightened
Will Power: 1/5Special Attacks: Shadow burst
Endurance: 1/5

How to Unlock and Romance Aphra

GreedFall companions unlock Aphra and romance options.

The last GreedFall companion on the roster is Aphra, whom you encounter during the “Scholars in the Expedition” quest. Aphra is a brilliant scientist and a member of the Bridge Alliance in GreedFall. In terms of combat, Aphra serves as a DPS (damage-per-second) companion, specializing in long-range engagements. She excels in dealing damage from a distance. However, her reliance on rifles makes her vulnerable to melee attacks. It is crucial to ensure her protection from enemies in close combat situations while she is at your party.

Returning to her long-range capabilities, Aphra possesses the ability to throw elemental bombs that inflict substantial damage in an area-of-effect (AoE). These bombs are a potent offensive tool, allowing Aphra to contribute significantly to battles from a safe distance.

  • Can I romance Aphra: Yes, you can romance Aphra but only as a male De Sardet.
  • How to Recruit Aphra: Complete “Scholars in the Expedition” quest.
  • Aphra companion quests: Islander Knowledge, The Cave of Knowledge, The Linking Ritual.

Aphra Skills and Stats

HP: 900Weapons: Rifles
Accuracy: 2/5Engagement Action: Throw Elemental Bomb
Strength: 1/5Engagement Action: Throw an Elemental Bomb
Endurance: 1/5

These were all of the companions you can recruit in GreedFall. If you need more help with the game check out the GreedFall Wiki.

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