GreedFall Companion Side Quests Guide – Kurt, Siora, Vasco, Afra, Petrus

GreedFall companion side quests

GreedFall is surely a slipper hit and rightfully so. Spiders have done an amazing job here with its story, characters, companions, and a ton of main and side quests/missions for us to do. We already covered side quests of GreedFall but there is more to discuss. GreedFall comes with companion side quests as well that are separate from other side missions.

GreedFall Companion Side Quests

In this following section of our guide, we will discuss GreedFall companion side missions. There are five companions in the game and each offers his/her own unique side quests.

Kurt Companion Quests

Kurt is of your companions in GreedFall and this section of the guide will focus on his side quests.

Missing in action

Quest Giver: Speak with Kurt when you reach New Serene and talk to Constantin.

Listen to Kurt’s story of a young rookie, and head to the barracks to know more about Reiner. Go to the floor below and locate the morgue. You can not enter the morgue without the medic’s permission. Speak with him outside the morgue and use your Charisma to convince him.

Enter the morgue and investigate the body. Read the medical report and go back to the man and accuse him of hiding the truth. Go back to the quartermaster, talk to him and question the lieutenants.

Head to the tavern now and find another recruit to know more about Reiner.  Buy him a bottle of brandy from the innkeeper and he will spill the beans.  Return to the lieutenant and get more information.

You will find out about another soldier. Go to the soldier and here you will have three options; you can bribe him, use your charisma, or let Kurt handle the situation. Completing the side quest will get you 1 reputation with the Coin Guardians and 1000XP. Moreover, companions relationship with improves +3 which will trigger another “Amongst the Ghosts.”

Amongst the Ghosts

Quest Giver:  Complete the “Old Countries” in the New World quest and speak with the man.

Once you have the quest, follow Kurt to reach Wenshaganw “The Singing Waters.” Reach the ghost regiment’s camp and interrogate the instructors. You will speak with multiple people but in the end, reach back recruit Wilhelm and know the truth about what’s going on.

Leave the camp and return back in the evening. Go to Captain Rolf’s office on the upper floor of the quarters and down the basement to locate the torture chamber. Save recruit Wilhelm from being tortured. Feel free to use your Charisma or intuition to handle the situation.  If you manage to solve the situation peacefully, only a single soldier will fight you. You are going to gain a +1 reputation with Kurt.

Go back to the recruits’ quarter and head down the basement, through the underground passage. Kurt will try to convince you to not fight but you can sneak behind the soldiers’ back. Go up the shelf and confront Captain Rolf.

You can offer a pardon, use Charisma, Intuition, mention how you saved Wilhelm or attack. If you manage to convince the soldiers they will head out, leaving you to confront Rolf and his allies.

Complete the side quest to earn +3 reputation with Kurt and 1300XP.

Settling The Debt

Quest Giver: Complete “Amongst the Ghosts” quest and wait until he asks you to help him.

For this quest, go to New Serene and talk to Sieglinde in the barracks. Take the letter to San-Matheus and then go talk to Inquisitor Aloysius. After that, go and talk to the Corporal, who oversees the prison. You’ll be tasked with bringing three sleeping potions.

Sleeping Potion can be crafted even if you have 1 Science ability point. After crafting the Potion, you need to talk to the two lieutenants but before talking to them talk to the soldiers nearby and use charisma to get them to leave the area.

Talk to the lieutenants and defeat them in battle. Now go to Major Herman’s residence and take the picture with you to look for the man. Exit the room and the quest will be complete and you’ll receive 1600 XP and +3 rep with Kurt.

Siora Companion Side Quests

Siora is one of the companions in GreedFall. The character offers its own side quests which you can find in detail below.

Find Queen Bladnid

Quest Giver: Speak with Siora after completing Battle of the Red Spears main mission.

Go to Vedrad “The Red Woods” speak with Captain of the Outpost. Here you will come to know that Siora’s mother has passed away. Go to her body where Siora will pay respects to her mother. Go to captain and use Charisma to get access to the body of Siora’s mother.

In case your Charisma isn’t enough to get the body, you’ll have to force them and come up with another way.  Go and get the letter from the Captain’s quarters. Now look for a key to the chest but you can use the lockpicking skill to break into the chest to get the evidence you need. Go to the designated area and hide behind the rocks by crouching and watch the cut-scenes.

When the cut-scene is over, take down the smugglers and talk to the captain. Go back to Vendrhais and speak with Eseld. You now get +3 reputation with Siora and 1000XP.

Vasco Companion Side Quests

Vasco is another companion in GreedFall and he too offers his own unique side quests. The following section of the GreedFall companion side quests guide walks you through Vascon side missions.

A Name for a Family

Quest Giver: In New Serene talk to Constantin and Vasco (afterward)

Perform a reconnaissance at the captain’s office. Vasco will ask you to get 4 sleeping potions which you can buy from the merchant in New Serene. You can also create them yourself if you have the required talent.

Go to the tavern and reach the owner of the brothel downstairs, his name is Dieter. Convince him to help you by using Charisma or 100 gold bribe.

Speak with Vasco, you can dress as Nauta. Now wait for Dieter’s daughter or check back later. You will enter the harbor at night if you decide to wait for his daughter. Go over the wooden fence and get Vasco’s file from the chest. Avoid getting detected, otherwise, you will lose -1 reputation with Vasco.

Complete the quest to get 1000XP and +3 reputation with Vasco.

Family Reunion

Quest Giver: Complete “A Name for a Family” and speak with Vasco after you complete Vasco’s main mission tasks.

Go to New Serene and question Madame Morange. Now go to Madame Cler and speak about Vasco’s affairs. You can use 100 gold to bribe her, use Charisma, and intuition to get the information you need.

Now go to Hikemt Region and try to force Ferhat to confess. In order to achieve this, you must head downstairs and make sure Ferhat’s employees share their information by using Charisma. Go back and speak with Ferhat go find the debt collectors. You can spend 200 gold to pay the debt, request to pay the debt later or attack them.

We do not recommend attacking the debt collector’s as it will give you -1 reputation with the Congregation of Merchant. Go speak with Vasco now and share all the details to earn +4 reputation with Vasco and 1300XP.

Forever a Naut

Quest Giver: Complete all of the above-mentioned side quests and speak with Vasco to get this quest.

Go to New Serene to speak with the Admiral. You will be told to find the Oriflamme ship wreckage. Head to Wenshagnaw “The Singing Waters” and keep following the marker that’ll lead you to a cave.

At the other side of the cave, you will find the shipwreck. Investigate the shipwreck and interact with every interactable object you see. In the end, you will reach a small cave with a monster inside.

Taking down Nadaig Glendemen isn’t easy as it has plenty of armor and HP. It uses a combination of attacks. It can go underground, create a shield around itself that wounds and rebels attacks.

If you think you are not strong enough to fight him, you can come back later and try again. Take the captain’s diary after you win the battle and return to the admiral. Now take Vasco to the tattooist to get a tattoo. The side quest will be completed at this point and you get 1400XP, +5 reputation with Vasco.

Petrusa Companion Side Quests

Petrusa is yet another Companion in GreedFall. Petrusa offers unique and interesting side quests. In this section of the GreedFall Companions, side quests guide we will discuss Petrusa’s side quests.

The Vices of the Mother Cardinal

Speak with the Mother Cardinal after traveling to San Mateus. You will get to speak with her during the “Trouble in Eden” quest. After speaking with her go upstairs and search the women’s apartments.  Now go downstairs with 3x Comfortable Vests which are available from the merchant. Before going down, Equip them and move forward into the cellars.

Investigate the marked chamber before meeting up with the innkeeper. Head over to the prostitutes’ chamber, bribe the guard 50 gold or use intuition. Speak with the prostitute and use Charisma to get the information you need about the woman in Green coat.

Question the bookmaker and usurer before going to find the Candy Cane. The indicated place must be visited at night to make sure you pass some time before heading over. Speak with Candy Cane to complete the side quest and get +3 reputation with Petrus as well as 1000XP.

Dangerous Bets

Quest Giver: Go and talk to Petrus’ father.

Petrus will inform you about his plan and will ask you to go to the bookmaker in the center of the arena. Talk to the bookmaker about the next fight and you’ll be directed towards Candy Cane who only comes out at night. Either ask him to set up the fight or use charisma to convince him.

Wait 24 hours and then go to the arena and defeat the champion. After that, talk to Mother Cardinal and the mission will complete and you’ll get 1300 XP and +3 rep with Petrus.

Sins Of Father Petrus

Quest Giver: Complete “Dangerous Bets” and then talk to Petrus.

Talk to your friend and go to New Serene. Talk to Admiral Cabral and get her to give you the information. Make your way to Hikmet and question Captain Lisandro and you’ll learn some interesting things.

Make your way to Village of Vignamri and talk to Ullan. After that, question the villagers and then go to the highlighted location where you’ll find a woman surrounded by animals. Save the woman and a cutscene will play and the side quest will finish with you getting 1600 XP and +3 rep with Petrus.

Aphra Companion Side Quests

Aphra is another one of your companions who will accompany you on your journey. Like the other companions, Aphra has side quests of her own which you can complete gaining XP and Rep with Aphra.

Islander Knowledge

Quest Giver: Talk to Aphra.

Go to Dorgred and you’ll fight some enemies but, be careful as these are strong enemies. After defeating them, give the materials to Aphra for the antidote. You can search the bodies of the defeated enemies for the materials.

Take the antidote and give it to Morian. Following a cutscene go to Morian and Yewan. Follow the Elders and wait until they get to the tree and pass on. Jump down and defeat the beast and go to the meeting place with The Elders. If you are exposed then you’ll lose 1 reputation with the natives.

Meet with Dunncas and the Elders and the mission will be complete and you will gain 1000 XP and +3 reputation with Aphra.

Cave Of Knowledge

Quest Giver: Talk to Aphra after completing Islander Knowledge.

Get to Vigyigidaw in Vedrad and then talk to the people about the Cave and you’ll learn that it’s located in Darkred, Heart Gate. At the entrance of the Cave of Knowledge, you’ll find a shrine.

Talk to the nearby Brigadiers and make them leave the area by using your charisma or by giving 100 Gold or just by fighting them. Acquire the seed from the corpse and place it on the altar and a passage will be revealed.

Go to the highlighted points and then hide and eavesdrop on the natives. Exit the cave and the mission will be completed with you getting 1300 XP and +3 reputation with Aphra.

The Linking Ritual

Quest Giver: Talk to Aphra after completing “Cave Of Knowledge”.

Wait 24 hours and go to Cergganaw to start the ritual. Talk to the members of Dunncas’ clan and stand at the specified location. After a cutscene some soldiers will come and you need to defend the natives. After a few dialogues the side quest will be complete and you earn 1600 XP and +3 rep with Aphra.

This guide is a work in progress and more quests will be added soon.

This marks the end of our GreedFall companions side missions guide. If you need more help with the game check out our achievements, and companions guide.