GreedFall Classes Guide – Warrior, Technical, Magic, Which Class to Choose?

GreedFall Classes

There are three starting classes to choose from in GreedFall. Each of these classes has different starting skills and different recommended Talents and Attributes that you should take before jumping in. This GreedFall Classes Guide will help you choose the best class for your playstyle.

GreedFall Classes

The three classes in the game are Warrior, Technical, and Magic. All of them have their strengths, weaknesses, and shine in different situations. Before we start, it’s important to note that using a skill path doesn’t lock you out of using other skill paths in the game.

If you want to have the ability to use Firearms as a magic-wielder, you’re free to do so. Or maybe you want to use Magic Ring while belonging to a Technical class. There are no restrictions so go crazy with all the innovations you can come up with. Let’s go over the classes one by one:


Warrior focuses on Melee Combat. This class is good with one-handed heavy weapons and one-handed blades. You’ll start with One-Handed Heavy, One-Handed Blades, and Firearms as skills.

When playing the Warrior class, you should take Strength and Endurance as Attributes. As for Talents, Craftsmanship and Vigor are recommended.

GreedFall Classes


The technical class focuses on controlling the battlefield. This class is good with the usage of tools and science. When playing the Technical class, you’ll start with Elemental Traps, Firearms, and One-Handed Blades skills.

The recommended Attributes for this class include Accuracy and Agility. As for your Talents, you should consider going with Science and Lockpicking.


As the name suggests, this class focuses on the usage of magic and long-range spells to rain fire from a distance. Excelling in magical spells, this class doesn’t like melee combat and prefer using Magic Rings and Magical Abilities to deal damage from a good distance.

When playing the Magic class, you’ll start with Divine Magic Ring, Status, and One Handed Heavy Weapons as your Skills. As for recommended Talents, you should go with Science and Intuition. Recommended Attributes are Mental Power and Willpower.

This marks the end of our GreedFall Classes Guide. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide, Character Customization Guide, and Side Quests Guide.