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GreedFall Choices, Consequences Quest Outcomes – All Characters

Many games have choices and these choices can have major or minor consequences or outcomes. The same is the case with GreedFall as its choices have serious consequences on the game’s outcome. In GreedFall, you will have to make some choices for specific consequences and rewards. This guide will include all the choices and consequences of some actions in the game.

GreedFall Choices & Consequences

Our GreedFall Choices & Consequences Guide details all the choices related to different characters at different points in the story as well as their outcomes so that you’re able to make informed decisions about your choices.

Arrest or Free Charlatan

In New Selene, the very first thing is to decide if you want to Aresst or Free Charlatan.

Arrest Charlatan Outcome: If you arrest Charlatan, you will return to the quest giver and report the arrest. You will earn 3 Bridge Reputation points and 150 gold as a reward for completing the quest with an arrest.

Free Charlatan Outcome: If you free Charlatan you get 80 Gold and another 50 Gold when you meet the quest giver. Lastly, you get +1 Bridge Reputation for your efforts.

Arrest, Refuge Or Free Heretics/Historians

The second choice you have to make in New Selene will have to decide if you want to arrest or free Heretics/Historians.

Arrest Heretics/Historians: Arresting the Heretics leads to violence. Both of them will attack you which leads to your character killing them to complete the objective. When you return to Theleme, you get 50 Gold and a +3 Reputation.

Give Them Refuge: You can speak with the Bridge Alliance Ambassador to get refuge for the Heretics. You will earn 80 Gold from this outcome but this opens up two new options. When you return to Theleme you can tell the truth and lose 1 Reputation. The second option is to lie and earn a +1 Reputation.

Free Heretics: If you set the Heretics free they will leave. Return to Theleme and lie to get to +1 Reputation or tell the truth to lose 1 Reputation point.

Choices, Consequences Quest Outcomes

Coin Guard Merchandise Choice

The merchant in New Selene is giving you a hard time so there are three ways to deal with the situation; Persaude, Insist, Bribe.

Persuade: This is the best choice in this situation to avoid going to prison without paying anything. However, you need to have high charisma.

Bribe: If you have 1 Intuition you can successfully offer him a bribe. Rest assured you don’t have to pay anything and he will agree to your terms. You will get a +1 Reputation with the Coin Guard but no gain with Kurt.

Beat Them Up: Go behind the stall and beat up anyone who attacks you. The merchant will eventually give up the goods after a good beat down.

An Aspiring Merchant Persuade/Insist

You will come across the Debt Collectors during the Vasco, Family Reunion. From there, you will have the following choices and consequences in Greedfall.

Pay Now: If you have enough coins to pay the Debt, the collectors will let D’Arcy go.

Pay Later: You can ask them for more time to pay. In that case, they will keep the hostage and you can come back to them later with the same choices.

Intimidate: You can use Charisma to Intimidate them but if you fail, they will attack. You can kill them all and free D’Arcy.

Attack: Outright kill them all to free D’Arcy.

Threaten, Reason, Warriors

A Peculiar Alliance will have you go after the people who kidnapped the merchant.

Threaten The Warriors: You can attack and kill them to take the merchant.

Reason: With high enough Charisma you can convince them to free the merchant.

Lie About the Troops: Lie to them about Troops approaching but you need Intuition for this. They will then flee and the merchant is free.

Attack The Rebels Or Leave

Attack the Rebels: If you attack the rebels you can kill them all to get +3 Bridge Alliance Reputation.

Leave: You can leave them alone and report back for +2 Bridge Alliance Reputation.

Choices, Consequences Quest Outcomes attack the rebels

Renounce Your Faith Or Confirm Your Faith

Charisma: You can use Charisma to get +1 Reputation with Theleme. You don’t have to get into any trouble with this option.

Renounce Your Faith: If you renounce your faith a fight with the Inquisitor will start. The outcome is -1 Reputation with Theleme.

Confirm Your Faith: If you confirm your faith you have to choose a Holy Man from their book. The correct choice is Matheus but if you choose anyone else, they will attack you. The second choice is the magic of light and getting both choices right will get you +1 Reputation with Theleme.

Promise, Convince or Intuition

To achieve a favorable outcome in this scenario, it’s important to intervene and rescue Wilheim from the other recruits prior to this stage. By doing so, you can attain the “good” ending without any specific skill requirements.

Promise Clemency: This option eventually leads to a fight.

Mention Reiner: Use Charisma to mention Reiner to convince them. If you fail they will attack and you will lose 2 Reputation with Coin Guard and 1 Reputation with Kurt. Lastly, Wilhelm is killed if he isn’t saved already.

Attack: You can attack them but you will get a -2 Reputation with the Coin Guard.

Mention Wilhem: If you have saved Wilhem prior to this encounter, you can mention Wilhem and arrest the captain without violence.

Convincing Cardinal Cornelia

Talk About Ordo Luminus: You need to use Charisma for this option. Speak about Ordo Luminus and Saint Lucius to get her to reveal information publicly. You get a +3 Reputation with this choice.

Suggest a Visit to the Cave: Ask her to visit the cave herself and decides to silence the information. You get a +2 Reputation.

Confront Her: Confront her about the suspicion and she will get angry. She decides to silence the information and you get a +2 Reputation.

The Battle Of Red Spears Choices

This choice is about more than choosing the right path.

Right Path: The right path is longer but there are hardly any enemy encounters. However, since the path is longer, you won’t be able to reach the battle on time which means you can’t save the mother. You will end up losing 1 Reputation point with Siora and will have to talk to her sister. Your best chances lie with utilizing either your Charisma or Intuition skills. However, if you lack proficiency in those areas, you still have two alternatives: insisting on the recent defeat or discussing the congregation’s neutrality.

Choosing defeat will pit you against Siora’s sister. You don’t have to kill her but in any case, you will lose reputation points and Siora is pissed at you. If you choose Congregation, she will say you can’t stop this and you will end up choosing another option anyway.

Left Path: You will fight a bunch of monsters before going to the battlefield. You will help Siora’s sister in battle but the mother will still die. However, this time you won’t lose any reputation points with Siora or the natives. The choices are the same as before so you can choose whichever one you like.

When you go out to find Siora’s mother you will open up two more choices. The first one is to convince her to stop and she will stop and you won’t lose any reputation, the guards will leave. The second choice is to encourage her to kill and you won’t lose any reputation points.

Spare Them Or Finish Them

This choice comes after you escort the survivor in the scientific expedition on Megasvar.

Spare Them: If you don’t kill them you gain +1 Reputation with the Natives.

Kill Them: If you kill them you lose 1 Reputation point with the Natives.

Order Him, Reveal, Accept Bribe

Pay attention to these choices because they will have serious consequences for the outcome of certain story events.

Order to Leave: If you order him to leave, you will get 50 Gold and +1 Reputation with Theleme. Eugenia will say she will arrest him later.

Reveal the Truth: If you tell the truth you get a -1 Reputation with Petrus and a +2 Reputation with Theleme. A fight starts with Sister Eugenia and Virgil escapes. You will have to kill everyone who opposes you to get 50 Gold but another -1 Reputation hit with Theleme.

Take the Gold: Take the gold and make Eugenia leave to get +3 Reputation with Theleme.

Choices, Consequences Quest Outcomes order him, reveal, accept bribe

Betray Peddir Or Lie And Suggest Him As Apprentice

Betray: If you betray Peddir you get a +1 Reputation with the Natives and the woman will be pleased.

Lie: If you lie you still get a +1 Reputation with the Natives but the Blind Man goes free.

Tierna Harh Ritual Choice

You meet a Native after finding the door to Tierna Harh.

Explain The Escape: He will explain how she left and he can’t help at this point. You need Charisma from here on.

Lie: This won’t work and you will lose -1 Reputation.

Charisma: If you fail at this you will have to leave and start looking for the lost seal. However, should you succeed in passing the check, you will get access to the house where you can acquire the necessary item to open the door.

Kill The Bridge Alliance Spy Or Spare The Bridge Alliance Spy

Kill Him: If you kill the spy you can take his gold and tell Mev what you did. You get a +1 Reputation with the Natives.

Spare Him: If you spare his life it has no effect on your reputation with the Natives.

Speaking With Mev

Leave: Leaving will continue the main story.

Wait: You can wait before you leave and loot the boss before you go.

This marks the end of our GreedFall Choices Guide. If you’re interested in learning more about the game then check out our Drums Puzzle Guide, Serene Locked Door Guide, and Crafting Guide.

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