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GreedFall Attributes List, Effects, Attribute Points Farming


Attributes are the most important thing you’ll have to take care of at the start of GreedFall. Having the right Attributes will let you wear different sorts of armor, wield the best weapons, and be better prepared for whatever the game throws your way. In this GreedFall Attributes Guide, we’ve detailed all the Attributes alongside our recommendations.

GreedFall Attributes List

The following is the list of attributes available in GreedFall.


This Attribute increases the damage dealt by your melee weapons. You also need a high strength to wield the best One Handed and Two Handed blunt weapons in the game.


Endurance attribute increases your maximum life, and balance, and also allows you to wear Heavy Armor sets in the game.


With this Attribute, you gain increased Fury regeneration and also deal increased damage in melee combat. Apart from that, you also need to have high agility in order to wield the best One Handed and Two Handed swords in the game.

GreedFall Attributes list


If you’re going with an Alchemy build, you need to have a high Accuracy attribute to increase the potency of all your firearms and alchemist preparations. In addition to this, you also need to have a higher Accuracy to wield the best firearms in the game.

Mental Power

Mental Power increases the power of all your magical spells in the game. If you’re going with a Magic class at the start of the game, you need to choose this as your starting Attribute. Having high Mental Power should also allow you to wield the best Magic Rings in the game which are quintessential to magic builds.


This is another Attribute that you need to unlock if you want to go with a magic-focused build in the game. What this does is that it increases the Magic Points and spell duration of all the magical spells cast and is required to wear the best amulets and necklaces in the game.

How To Get Attribute Points

As you progress in the game Greedfall, you can earn Attribute Points by gaining experience points (XP) and increasing your character’s level. This means that you’ll need to engage in various activities such as completing quests, defeating bosses, and overcoming adversaries to accumulate XP.

To track your progress, you can navigate to the character stats page within the game. Here, you’ll find information about the XP you have acquired so far, as well as the amount of XP needed to reach the next level. This allows you to monitor your advancement and determine how close you are to earning additional Attribute Points.

By consistently earning XP and leveling up your character, you will gradually unlock Attribute Points that can be allocated to different attributes such as Strength, Agility, Mental Power, Willpower, Accuracy, and Endurance. These Attribute Points enable you to enhance specific aspects of your character’s abilities and skills, providing you with a greater advantage in combat, exploration, and dialogue interactions throughout the game.

It’s important to strategize and choose wisely when allocating your Attribute Points in GreedFall. Consider your preferred playstyle and the attributes that align with your character build. For example, if you prefer a melee-focused approach, investing in Strength and Endurance may be beneficial, while a magic-oriented character may prioritize Mental Power and Willpower.

All GreedFall Attribute Effects On Character Each Level

AttributeLevelEffectRequired Attribute PointsPrerequisites
StrengthLevel 1Armor Dmg is increased by 10%
Stun is increased by 20%
Level 2Stun is increased by 20%. Armor Dmg is increased by 10%. Fury regeneration is increased1Strength Level 1
Level 3strength of each melee attack is increasedn/aStrength Level 2
Level 4Power of each melee attack for both one/two-handed weapons is increasedn/aStrength Level 3
Level 5stun increased by 20%n/aStrength Level 4
AgilityLevel 1Physical Dmg is increased by 10%. Fury regen is increased by 1%.1n/a
Level 2To be Updatedn/aAgility Level 1
Level 3To be Updatedn/aAgility Level 2
Level 4To be Updatedn/aAgility Level 3
Level 5To be Updatedn/aAgility Level 4
Mental PowerLevel 1Magical Dmg is increased by 10%. Fury Gen is increased by 1%.1n/a
Level 2To be Updatedn/aMental Power Level 1
Level 3To be Updatedn/aMental Power Level 2
Level 4To be Updatedn/aMental Power Level 3
Level 5To be Updatedn/aMental Power Level 4
WillpowerLevel 1Magic Points is increased by 100. Effect Time Span 1s.1n/a
Level 2To be Updatedn/aWillpower Level 1
Level 3To be Updatedn/aWillpower Level 2
Level 4To be Updatedn/aWillpower Level 3
Level 5To be Updatedn/aWillpower Level 4
AccuracyLevel 1Damage is increased by 10%. Armor Dmg is increased by 10%.1n/a
Level 2To be Updatedn/aAgility Level 2
Level 3To be Updatedn/aAgility Level 3
Level 4To be Updatedn/aAgility Level 3
Level 5From a sheathed stance, releases an attack storm.Agility Level 4
EnduranceLevel 1Life Points (HP) is increased by 100. Balance is increased by 20%.1n/a
Level 2To be Updatedn/aEndurance Level 1
Level 3To be Updatedn/aEndurance Level 2
Level 4To be Updatedn/aEndurance Level 3
Level 5To be Updatedn/aEndurance Level 4

This marks the end of our GreedFall Attributes Guide. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out our Coin Arena Guide, Demoniacal Cult Mission Puzzle Guide, and Companions Quests Guide.

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