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Gotham Knights Shadow Bird Puzzle Solution Guide


You will come across the Shadow Bird puzzle during Case 2.2 in Gotham Knights. It is a mandatory puzzle that you must solve it to access the Court of Owls’ secret hideout. It is not a tough puzzle by any means but it can be slightly confusing for some people. This guide should help you easily solve the Shadow Bird puzzle to reach the Court of Owls’ secret hideout during Case 2.2 in Gotham Knights.

To solve the Shadow Bird puzzle, you will first need to activate the spotlight — it should be at the entrance. Once activated, you will notice that it casts a shadow at the wall on the opposite end. You will also see 4 figures on the table, each having a switch that you can activate to rotate these figures. The idea is to rotate these figures in such a way that they form the shadow of a bird (facing right) on the opposite wall. This can sound a little complicated than it actually is.

If you just care about the solution, we’ve also provided it below:

  • Figure 1 — Activate it only once.
  • Figure 2 — Activate it twice.
  • Figure 3 — Activate it thrice.
  • Figure 4 — Activate it until a cutscene starts to play. It should be after 3-4 activations.

Also, for clarity, Figure 1 is the closest from the entrance. Please note that you can also reset the puzzle by returning to the Main Menu and clicking on the “Continue” button. If done correctly, you will notice the shadow of a flying bird (facing right) on the opposite wall in the room. It should also trigger a small cutscene after which you’ll be able to progress forward.

This is how you can easily solve the Shadow Bird puzzle that appears during Case 2.2 in Gotham Knights. For more strategy guides, you can check our detailed Gotham Knights wiki page.

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