Crafting and customizing features in a game always add a touch of familiarity and ownership to it and makes it even more engaging and playable. Likewise, Gotham Knights has its own crafting feature that can be creatively utilized to fashion suits and weapons (like melee and ranged weapons). However, you need resources to craft items, and Programmable Nanocapsules are one of them. This guide will help players get Programmable Nanocapsules in Gotham Knights.


To craft any item, it is necessary for players to collect and combine a bunch of necessary resources. What’s great about Gotham Knights is that you can do so anywhere in the game. All that and more is therefore possible only if you possess programmable nanocapsules.

Programmable Nanocapsules Locations

Now comes the question of where exactly in Gotham Knights one can acquire and collect programmable nanocapsules. Well, worry not, as we’ll let you know their exact locations to help you collect them in no time.

You can find programmable nanocapsules in North Gotham protected by Freaks. Moreover, you can also find them during any mission or quest that pertains to Harley Quinn.

To get crafting materials, there are many ways to obtain them. To mention a few, you can obtain them through faction-specific objectives, hidden chests, defeating a specific faction, or even incapacitating the Freaks.

Through our guide, we hope you have gained clarity in obtaining and utilizing Programmable Nanocapsules in Gotham Knights. For more on the game, see our Landmark Locations Guide and Owl Head Puzzle Solution Guide.