Gotham knights, a recently launched DC superhero game, is experiencing many launch issues. Not only that, but the game has been very choppy in terms of performance and, to some extent, gameplay. However, issues are a part of any game. The most reported issue was the error of not being able to connect in an online lobby when trying to join with friends. When Gotham Knights players try to attempt it, an error code displays the ‘Failed to join’ message.

Last updated on October 28th, 2022 at 08:23 pm

What’s Causing This error?

After some research into the matter, we’ve narrowed the problem to a few issues. First, being unable to join a lobby is probably related to your network, which could be slow, unresponsive, or interrupted. In addition, a reason for this case could be a corrupt game file. In which case, replacing it would be necessary. Besides that, it could be that there is a server-related issue with the game itself, and the problem isn’t from your side, but the developers are to blame. All of these issues are simple problems that can occur in any device. The following are fixes for the Failed To Join error in Gotham Knights.

Fix #1 – Use VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network(VPN) was able to sort out the problem for most people, allowing them to connect with their friends in online sessions or lobbies.

Using premium VPNs like NordVpn and LogmeinHamachiVPN allows you to access a highly secured location for your network across servers with protection and even protects your data. In addition, this also allows you to access remote things privately, which is very reasonable for multiplayer games and options. Restrictions for joining remote lobby parties can also be fixed with this feature.

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Fix #2 – Verify Game File

PC players confirmed that verifying the integrity of files related to Gotham knight solved the Failed To Join Session error. Using Steam and Epic Games enables users to verify the directory, restore any missing files, and repair deleted ones. For Steam, right-click Gotham Knights in Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files. Let Steam scan and repair files, and the issue will be fixed.

Fix #3 – Check Server Status

Checking your game server status would be a good option to solve this problem. However, there is no dedicated website to do so. In short, such action can be performed by checking the official Twitter for Gotham Knights to stay updated with bug fixes and updates.

Although Gotham knight is being pointed out for many problematic situations, players have managed to resort to some odd and unconventional workarounds for these minor but difficult and tricky errors.

If nothing works out, you can always reinstall the game whenever you want, which might seem like a bad option at first, but it can perhaps solve the problem for the time being. If you are facing other errors with Gotham Knights, like Error 3:0000065432, API Failed With D3D HRESULT, or more, check our error fixes guide for the game.

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