Gorn is a fun VR game in which you can use all kinds of deadly weapons to kill gladiators in the arena. In this Gorn VR Weapons Guide, we are going to walk you through the different weapons in the game and how you can unlock them at the main menu.


There are plenty of unique weapons in the game. Some weapons are better than others but that is a separate guide on its own. Let’s look into the different weapons and how you can unlock them.

Gorn VR Weapons Guide

In Gorn, you not only have traditional weapons but you can use the enemy as weapons as well. You can throw an enemy and you can even cut off their limbs and hit opponents with an arm or leg. The following are the different weapons in the game and how you can unlock them in the main menu:

Weapons  How To Unlock In Main Menu
Spiked Mace Get 5 kills
Sword Get 5 sword kills
Armor-Breaker Break 15 pieces of armor
Flail Get 5 mace kills
Spear Get 3 double kills
Rapier Kill champion named ‘The Fencer’
Boulder Get 7 kills with rocks
Greataxe Get 5 axe kills
Great Flail Get 15 flail kills
Bow Get 5 spear kills

Keep in mind that you must win the match in order for the kills to count. If you complete the kills but lost the match then you will have to try again. This means that playing the endless mode or regular arena where you die, do not count. That is something to keep in mind if you are interested in progressing forward and want to try the different weapons in Gorn VR.

If you are not interested in doing all that then you can type “alaskanpipeline” in the lobby section. There is no cheats menu but you will hear the sound of a gong if you type it correctly.

This marks the end of our Gorn VR Weapons Guide. Have fun while you are at it.