In Elden Ring, incantations are one of the key spell types. With a plethora of incantations available for you to find, it isn’t easy to know which ones to prioritize. However, the Golden Vow Incantation is a must-have regardless of your build, as it requires only 25 Faith to use and provides attack and defensive buffs.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about finding the Golden Vow Incantation in Elden Ring.

Where to Get Golden Vow Incantation in Elden Ring

To acquire the Golden Vow incantation, you must first embark on a journey to the Mt Gelmir region in the Altus Plateau. The quickest way to reach the region is following either Patches or Rya’s quest lines. However, it can also be discovered by traveling northwest across the Altus Plateau and discovering the rope bridge that acts as the entrance to this mystical area.

Use the Mt Gelmir First Campsite Site of Grace as a starting point. It is on the far side of the bridge leading to Mt. Gelmir.

Go past the Leyndell Soldiers and Iron Virgins, and you will eventually come across a shack with a broken bridge. This is the infamous Corpse-Stench Shack. You’ll know you’ve at the right place when Anastasia appears. Kill Anastasia to acquire her cleaver and a valuable furl-calling finger remedy. Now head inside the shack, where you find the Golden Vow incantation.

Golden Vow Incantation Location Video Guide

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Golden Vow Effects and Cost

The Golden Vow Incantation is great for solo and teams in Elden Ring. It boosts your and your ally’s attack and defense stats. You will get a 15% boost in attack and a 10% boost in defense stats (same for your ally). However, if you’re in PvP mode, the stat boost gets cut in half, meaning you get 7.5% attack and 5% defense. To use the Vow, you’ll need 50 Stamina, 47 FP, and the Golden Vow effects last for 80 seconds.

You can further boost the effects of the Golden Vow incantation by combining it with Old Lord’s Talisman. The talisman in question is hidden inside a chest in the Crumblin Farum Azula. To reach this region, you must kill the Fire Giant and head to the Forge of the Giant Site of Grace.

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