Godfall has plenty of trophies that you can earn. While taking down massive bosses and waves of enemies you might be interested in completing the game 100%. In this Godfall trophies guide, we are going to go over how you can unlock all the achievements in the game.


How To Unlock All Godfall Trophies

The following are all the trophies in Godfall, their tiers and how you can unlock them:

Trophy Name How To Get Tier
Highlord of Aperion Earn all available Trophies for Godfall. Platinum
Macros Beat Macros. Gold
Ascendant each Trial 50 in the Ascended Tower of Trials. Gold
Slayer Defeat 2,000 enemies Silver
Defender Parry 100 attacks Silver
Deflector Parry 30 projectiles Silver
Soul Reaper Soulshatter an enemy 500 times Silver
S-Rank Duelist Hit 200 enemy Weakpoints Silver
Assassin Perform 40 Deathblows Silver
Egalitarian Defeat 75 Elite Enemies Silver
Hunter Defeat 40 Mid-Bosses Silver
Rise Up Reach trial 10 in the Ascended Tower of Trials Silver
Solaris Defeat Solaris Bronze
Zamora Defeat Zamora Bronze
Lunara Defeat Lunara Bronze
Grieves Sunsteel Defeat Grieves Sunsteel Bronze
Gilden Knight Defeat Gilden Knight Bronze
Salt the Earth Defeat 200 Vargul Bronze
Shatter the Bastions Defeat 200 Crimson Wind Bronze
End the Deep Ones Defeat 200 Abyssian Bronze
Pierce the Heavens Defeat 200 Nyak Bronze
Punish the Traitors Defeat 200 Blacktide Bronze
Master of Elements Inflict an Ailment 300 times Bronze
Disciple of Alaz Ignite an enemy 100 times Bronze
Frost Brand Chill an enemy 100 times Bronze
Stormbringer Shock an enemy 100 times Bronze
Child of the Earth Poison an enemy 100 times Bronze
The Razor’s Edge Bleed an enemy 100 times Bronze
Kosmera’s Embrace Curse an enemy 100 times Bronze
Ultimate Warrior Activate Archon Fury 40 times Bronze
Shield Captain Hit an enemy with Shield Throw 200 times Bronze
Archon of War Perform 100 Takedowns Bronze
Versatile Warrior Perform a Polarity Shockwave 100 times Bronze
Dervish Activate Inner Focus 100 times Bronze
Dragoon Perform a Polearm Weapon Technique 100 times Bronze
Sword Saint Perform a Longsword Weapon Technique 100 times Bronze
Berserker Perform a Greatsword Weapon Technique 100 times Bronze
Earthshaker Perform a Warhammer Weapon Technique 100 times Bronze
Armor of the Gods Pick up 30 Valorplate Cores from Fallen Soldiers Bronze
Scavenger Pick up 250 pieces of equipment Bronze
Awakening Pick up a legendary piece of equipment Bronze
Gold, Silver, and… Pick up 100,000 electrum Bronze
Raider Open 50 chests Bronze
Gatherer Collect from 50 Motherlodes Bronze
Geared Up Pick up 5 legendary pieces of equipment Bronze
Keymaker Earn 200 Keys in Tower of Trials Bronze

This is how you can get all the trophies in Godfall and complete the game 100%.


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