Sunforge Temple is the very first main area you visit after the tutorial section of the Godfall. There is a ton of loot here that puts on the right path. In the Sunforge Temple, you will find chests that give you Valorplate Cores, weapons, and other resources. In this guide, we will explain how to find all chests in Sunforge Temple. There are different locations at Sunforge Temple that hide chests in Godfall. Such areas are mostly protected by enemies.


Godfall Sunforge Temple Chests Locations

Before you enter the Sunforge Temple you find yourself face to face with High-Lorge High Lorge Phalanxar. He blocks your way but he is somewhat easy to take down. You don’t have to kill him, simply bring his HP bar down to 45-50% to trigger a cutscene that throws you inside the Sunforge Temple.

Chest Location #1: As you fall down into the Sunforge Temple, you will find yourself in front of a giant cube-shaped stone and two sets of stairs. Go to your left where a bunch of enemies spawn alongside a chest. This chest gives you the first secondary weapon for Godfall.

Chest Location #2: While the first chest was to your left, the lest one will be to your right next to the giant stairs where more enemies spawned.


Chest Location #3: Go up the stairs and you will immediately see a chest in front of another giant set of stairs.

Chest Location #4: From where we found the previous chest, go to the left side of the room and through an open door. There are enemies in this area that protect a chest.

Chest Location #5: From the previous chest, exit the room and take the stairs to reach the upper floor. There are enemies there but no chests. There are more stairs to the left side of this area, near the shrine that takes you further up. As you come up you will find another chest right in front of the big door to your left.

Chest Location #6: There should be nodes to your left that help you jump to platforms slightly below from the previous chest. Use the nodes to navigate the area and kill enemies as you see them. When you use the third and final node your objective will change to “defeat all enemies” and you will find yourself face to face with two Kraven Spawnlings and one Bronze Animus. Kill them and go left instead of taking the stairs. At the very end of this section, you will find another chest and some enemies to kill.


Chest Location #7: From the previous chest, now go back to where you face the Bronze Animus and take the stairs to go up. Keep going and clear enemies until you reach the Soulshattered section of the game. There should be a chest to the left side of this room near the black pillars.

Chest Location #8: In the Soulshattered room, after you clear the enemies under the node, take the stairs to the right side of the room to reach the door protected by two Bronze Animus. You need to kill them to open the door and go up the stairs. When you reach the top, go left and take the stairs down where you’ll face an enemy to learn to parry attacks. Kill him and move forward, you’ll find a set of stairs to your right at the end of the room. Go up the stairs to the very top section (don’t go in the left door yet), and you’ll see another chest protected by a few enemies.

Chest Location #9: Come down from the stairs we used in the previous chest and halfway through you’ll see a door that leads to the next section. Follow the path to the very top of the giant stairs ahead.


You’ll see a bunch of enemies including Bronze Animus along the way, kill them all and reach the top. Use the stairs shown in the picture above to reach an upper platform which a bunch of enemies and a chest at the very end.

Chest Location #10: From the previous chest, come down from the upper platform and go left to face a few enemies. Take the stairs in front of you and then go left to the path that takes you further up in the forge. Reach the section where you must activate the Sunflare Orb in the middle of the room. Survive the ambush for less than a minute and a chest will spawn.

And that’s all the chests locations in Godfall Sunforge Temple. If you need more help with the game see our Godfall Wiki.


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