Two advantages PC games have over consoles is the ability to play video games at high FPS and scalability. Godfall has arrived on PC and is quite a good looking game. However, these good looks come at the cost of performance. In my Godfall PC Optimization Guide, I will take you through each of the game’s graphics settings, explain what they do, and recommend the best option for them to get 60 FPS at 1080p on a mid-range PC.


How To Get 60 FPS In Godfall

I got the pleasure of playing Godfall before it launched and this is a game that has to be played at 60 FPS. It features fast-paced combat and requires quick reflexes.

Godfall has a ton of options for the players to tweak around with. The game is quite demanding at its highest graphical settings. What I like about the game is that even dropping the graphical quality doesn’t impact the visuals much.

Meaning, players can run the game at 60 FPS while maintaining visuals quality. As I mentioned above, I am targeting a mid-range PC for this Godfall optimization guide. The following is that I mean by a mid-range PC.


Intel Core-i5-9400F 6 Core/6 Thread CPU
Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition 6GB
16GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 2666 MHz
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

The reason why I chose a GTX 1060 is simple, this GPU might be old but still packs a punch and there are a lot of PC users that have this GPU. You can compare the performance with this system and scale it according to your own system.

Also, If you have an SSD, I recommend that you install Godfall there as it’ll not only help with the loading time but will also help with texture streaming.

With that out of the way, let’s start with the Godfall PC Optimization Guide. The following are the Godfall graphics settings along with a brief explanation and a recommended option to play the game at 1080p/60 FPS.


Display Mode

Keep this setting at Fullscreen as you might lose performance on any other option.

Vertical Sync

Vertical Synchronization eliminates screen tearing by matching the rendered FPS with the display refresh rate. Enabling V.sync limits the game’s Max FPS to the display refresh rate. Meaning, if you have a 60 Hz monitor, enabling V.sync will limit the game to 60 FPS. I recommend that you keep this setting on as screen tearing can ruin the game experience.

Recommended: On

View Distance

This graphics setting in Godfall controls the level of detail for buildings and objects at a distance. The higher the setting, the higher the detail distant building and objects will have. But, this view distance comes at the cost of performance. I recommend that you set this one to High.


Recommended: High

Shadow Quality

Shadow Quality setting determines the resolution of shadows and the distance at which shadows are renders. The higher the setting, the higher resolution shadows will be and the further will be the render distance for the shadows. I recommend Medium for this setting as shadows can really take a toll on performance.

Recommended: Medium


Anti-Aliasing eliminates aliasing or jagged edges in-game to smooth out the overall image quality. Usually, PC video games give players the option to choose which AA solution they want to use like TAA, FXAA, SMAA, and more. But, Godfall doesn’t give these options instead we only have Low, Medium, High, and Epic. Not sure which AA solution the game uses but Medium is a good balance of image quality and performance.

Recommended: Medium

Texture Detail

Texture Detail setting in Godfall controls the resolution of the textures. As you increase the setting, textures will be higher resolution and detailed and they’ll use more VRAM. Luckily, GTX 1060 comes with 6GB of VRAM and you can set this one to High.

Recommended: High

Visual Effects

Godfall isn’t very informative about its graphics settings. While I am sure but, Visual Effects setting controls the quality of particle effects. Godfall loves particle effects as there are tons of them on-screen while in combat which can tank performance. Keep this setting at Low.

Recommended: Low

Post Processing

Not sure what effect this Godfall graphics setting controls but keep it at Low to save performance.

Recommended: Low

Foliage Quality

Foliage Quality setting determines the quality of trees and bushes in Godfall. Set this setting to High.

Recommended: High

Motion Blur

Motion blur smooths the overall gameplay by adding blur when the camera moves. This doesn’t have much impact on performance and most PC gamers don’t use. Turn it on if you like.

Lens Flare

Lens Flare also doesn’t have any impact on Godfall’s PC performance. This setting causes the light to spread as it does in real life when viewing a light source through a camera. Turn it on if you like this effect.

Optimized Graphics Settings For 60 FPS

The following are the optimized graphics settings for Godfall to run it at 60 FPS. You can see these optimized settings in action in the video below. As you can see, the game maintains 60 FPS all the time and only rarely dips below 60FPS.

Display Mode – Fullscreen
View Distance – High
Shadow Quality- Medium
Anti-Aliasing – Medium
Texture Detail – High
Visual Effects – Low
Post Processing – Low
Foliage Quality – High
Motion Blur – Player choice
Lens Flare – Player choice

Other Optimizations And Tweaks

There are some tweaks and optimization that players can perform outside the game to get a 60FPS experience without compromising image quality. The following are some optimizations that players can perform to further improve the game’s performance.

Nvidia Control Panel Tweaks
Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select Godfall and make the following changes and hit apply.

Anti-aliasing-FXAA – “Off”
Anti-aliasing-Gamma Correction – “Off”
CUDA GPUs – “All”
Low Latency Mode – Ultra.
Set Power Management to “Prefer Maximum Performance”
Shader Cache – “On” only if you are using an HDD. Don’t need to enable it for an SSD.
Set Texture filtering – Quality to “High Performance”
Triple Buffering – “Off”
Set Vertical Syn to “Use the 3D Application Setting”

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling
This is an option added to Windows 10 by Microsft recently. However, Microsoft is actively working on this feature and enabling it can give mixed results. If you are using an old GPU then it’s best to keep it off as it’ll degrade performance instead of improving it. Also, if enabling it degrades performance, then turn it off. To activate Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, open Settings > System > Display > click Graphics Settings at the bottom and enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling and restart your PC.

That is all for our Godfall PC Optimization Guide with tips on how to get 60 FPS. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.