Gearbox released Godfall a few days ago and since then we have been deep into the amazing new title, absorbing everything it has to offer. The game features in-depth RPG mechanics that allow you to customize your Valorplates, add skills and abilities, augments, and experiment with different Archon Abilities. In case you don’t already know, Archon abilities are special movies or ultimate abilities in Godfall. Each ultimate ability is tied to a Valorplate in Godfall and vice versa. In this guide, we will discuss the best Archon abilities available in Godfall to help you deliver the most powerful ultimates.


Godfall Archon Abilities – Stats and Effects

Archon abilities are activated to not only deliver powerful ultimates but also to gain special effects, and other bonuses while it is still active. To use an Archon ability you must collect Archon Orbs from dead enemies to fill the Archon bar. All Valorplates have various Archon Fury effects and apply diverse buffs to the player while active.

Archon Abilities  Archon Fury Effect  Archon Fury Buffs and Bonuses 
Aegishorn  Summon 3 spirit to aid you in combat  You and allies take 30% less damage. 



Whenever you take a hit, shoot 3 projectiles that deal 32 Physical damage to nearby enemies. 

Armistice  Release a shockwave that breaches enemies and does 2 physical damage  +50% Breach Damage. 

+100% damage to Breached enemies. 

+100% Takedown damage. 

+50% damage whenever you kill a Breached enemy or kill an enemy with a takedown. 

Bulwork  Summon 3 Physical Sentinels  +90% chance to inflict Bleed. 


+100% damage to Bleeding targets. 

Your attacks deal Physical damage. 

Grayhawk  Release a shockwave that applies 48 Soulshatter Buildup to enemies.  +100% Soulshatter Buildup. 

Unleash a shockwave that applies 48 Soulshatter Buildup to Enemies when you Soulshatter an enemy. 

Vertigo  Release a shockwave that does 48 Air damage  +90% chance to inflict Shock 

+100% damage to Shocked Enemies. 


Your attacks deal Air damage. 

Typhon  Summon 3 Water Sentinels  +90% chance to inflict Chill. 

+100% damage to Chilled Enemies. 

Your attacks deal Water damage, 

Silvermane  Summon 2 Spirit Warriors for help  +300% Weapon Technique charge speed, Shield charge speed, and Polarity Attack charge speed. 
Phoenix  Release a Shockwave that does 48 Fire damage  +90% chance to inflict Ignite. 

+100% damage to Ignited Enemies. 

Your attacks deal Fire damage 

Moebius  Summon 3 Void Sentinels  +90% chance to inflict Curse. 

+100% damage to Cursed Enemies. 

Your attacks deal Void damage 

Mesa  Release a Shockwave that does 48 Earth damage  +90% chance to inflict Poison. 

+100% damage to Poisoned Enemies. 

Your attacks deal Earth damage 

Illumina  Release a Shockwave that does 3 physical damage and uncovers enemy Weakpoints  Unleash a shockwave every 2 seconds that deals 2 Physical damage and reveals enemy Weakpoints. 

+40% Weakpoints damage. 

+40% Weakpoint damage whenever you perform a Deathblow. 

Hinterclaw  Summon 3 Spirit Warriors for help  +30% Critical Hit chance. 

+15% Critical Hit damage whenever you defeat an enemy (Max: +150%) 

Best Archon Abilities In Godfall

In my experience, the best Archon abilities are those that help you stun, stagger, or reveal enemy Weakpoints. Enemies can quickly overwhelm you in Godfall so having the ability summon aid is also very useful as it will give you some breathing space. The best Archon Abilities in Godfall are Greyhawk, Illumina, Moebius, Silvermane, and Aegishorn.


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