God of War has multiple regions and each of them has its own kind of collectibles. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all collectibles in Veithurgard which is one of the realms in God of War PC.

God of War Veithurgard Collectibles Locations

Collectible #1: To the right of Brok’s Shop near the path into Veithurgrad you’ll find a Lore Marker.

Collectible #2: Near Brok’s Shop you will find a wall to squeeze through that leads to a tunnel with a Lore Marker.

Collectible #3: In the same area as the last Lore Marker, there is another one in the corner.

Collectible #4: There is another Lore Marker near the last one when you follow the path that leads to the hill in the main area.

Collectible #5: Another Lore Marker is near Odin’s Raven in Veithurgrad.

Collectible #6: Once you drain the water you can spot another Lore Marker.

Collectible #7: Use the boat to reach the tiny island that has a statue on it. Target Odin’s Raven on the island.

Collectible #8: When you reach the door with the four rune symbols locate Odin’s Raven and shot it down.

Collectible #9: To the right of the Mystic Gateway there isĀ  chain on the gate that you can pull on. Use the axe to freeze the chain in place which gives you access to the mountain. At the top of the mountain you can drop down to another platform where you’ll see a artifact behind a wooden blockade.

Collectible #10: There is an Artifact on the boat bridge.

Collectible #11: When you reach the dragon locate the nearby deadbody behind the crates. There is an artifact here for you to collect.

Collectible #12: From the last artifact go left to reach the broken bridge for the next artifact.

Collectible #13: Left from the shrine go left to pick up an artifact.

Collectible #14: After draining the water you can pick up another artifact from inside.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to find all collectibles in Veithurgard. Need more help? See Nornir Chests Locations, How to Beat Kara, How to Beat Sigrun.

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