God of War: Ragnarok does not have any trophies that are tied to the difficulty setting. So you can platinum the game in a single playthrough. In this God of War: Ragnarok guide, we go over all the trophies in the game to complete it 100%.

Last updated on November 9th, 2022 at 09:49 pm

There are a total of 36 trophies that you can earn in God of War: Ragnarok. We have removed the spoilers so if you are interested in going into the game blind then you can still do that.

All God Of War: Ragnarok Trophies

The following are all the trophies in GoW: Ragnarok and how you can unlock them:

Trophy NameHow To Unlock
The Bear and the WolfGet all trophies
Ready for CommitmentFully upgrade one armor set
RagnarökFight (redacted)
Grave MistakeFight (redacted)
The True QueenFight (redacted)
The FloristCollect a flower from each realm
The LibrarianCollect all of the Books
The CuratorCollect all Artifacts
How it StartedEquip an Enchantment
Spit ShineUpgrade a piece of armor
Knock off the RustBuy a Skill
A Grizzly EncounterFight (redacted)
Blood DebtDefeat Thor
Backyard BrawlFight (redacted)
Root of the ProblemFight (redacted)
The CauldronDestroy (redacted)’s cauldron
Off the LeashFight (redacted)
ComeuppanceFight (redacted)
Better TogetherFight (redacted)
Rebel LeaderReturn Hammer of the Rebellion
New FriendsGet Lunda’s orb
Spartan WaysRemember Spartan teachings
Full BellyGet all Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead
PhlanxGet all shields
CollectorGet all Relics and Sword Hilts
Dragon SlayerCraft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set
How it’s GoingFully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil
(Redacted) for a FriendAttend the Funeral
Full GufaFree the Hafgufas
Making AmendsFree the Lyngbakr
It Was a Good DayRetrieve Mardöll
Invasive SpeciesComplete all Crater Hunts
BestiesPet Speki and Svanna
Rightful PlaceReturn all of the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr
Pure of HartReturn the Stags of the Four Seasons
Trials by FireComplete Trials of Muspelheim

These are all the trophies that you can earn in GoW: Ragnarok and how you can unlock them. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our God Of War: Ragnarok guides hub.

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