God of War: Ragnarok is a masterpiece in scenic locations, and one such location is Sanctuary Grove. This place is unique to the God of War fans as it brings back nostalgia.

Finding the location of sites is not as simple as just following some directions from a map. This is because some of these locations, such as the Sanctuary Grove, are blocked off during the beginning phase of the game. However, you can unlock this location by following a series of steps, and in this guide, we’ll cover all of them.

How To Get To Sanctuary Grove

Games usually have side quests that don’t contribute to the main storyline. The Sanctuary Grove quest is one of these secret endings you can access once you complete the God of War: Ragnarok main storyline.

The only way to get to the location is through the Mystic Gateway, which will be locked throughout the main storyline. So, if you’ve still got 20 hours of gameplay, then forget about the Sanctuary Grove and finish God Of War Ragnarok’s main campaign.

The main storyline ends with the Realms of War mission. You’ll know the game has ended when the credits will start to roll. So, wait for the credits to complete, and you’ll be taken back to the game. Once back, you’ll be able to complete other side quests, among which will be the Mystic Gateway explorations.

Do remember to head to Sindri’s house once the game finishes. There, Ratatoskr will present you with a humble gift of Yggdrasil’s Seeds bag. This will be important, as it will also allow you to unlock the Mystic Gateways.

What to do at Sanctuary Grove

Yggdrasil’s Seeds were a special item you tried to collect and save throughout the game, but if you haven’t, then hopefully, Ratatoskr has given you enough to unlock Sanctuary Grove at least.

Once you unlock the Sanctuary Grove, you’ll also be able to travel fast to it. You’ll find Freya’s turtle Chaurli whom you can interact with. Also, if you look enough, you’ll be able to find Mirkweed, which will help you complete the “In Bloom Flower” mission.

Finding Sanctuary Grove is simple; the real question is unlocking it. This, however, is not possible before the completion of the game. However, once it unlocks, you’ll be able to travel fast, interact with Freya’s turtle and complete the “In Bloom Flower” quest. For more on the game, also see Where to Find Tempered, Fortified, and Hardened Remnants and Best Armor Sets.

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