God of War: Ragnarok features a Favor called Return of the River. If you complete this quest, you can explore “The Crater.” In this quick guide, I’ll detail how to finish the Return of the River Favor. You can only access “Return of the River” after you finish the quest, “Scent of Survival.” The objectives for “Ragnarok Return of the River” are as follows:

  • Ascend the dam
  • Flood the crater

The Gulon will try to stop you on your way to the dam. You need to handle it or else you won’t be able to proceed. After reaching the end of the path, burn the bramble and take the lift up. At the top of your journey, you will find Seidr and Gulons. Take them down and read the Lore Marker. Now it is time to use the Draupnir Spear so that you can reach the other side. A new Favor starts when you see the Dreki attacking wildlife.

To complete the “Return of the River Quest,” you first need to burn the bramble. Use the crank to raise the game so that the water starts flowing. You will see the water in the river start following which means the quest ends here.

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