There are 14 Relics / Sword Hilts in total that can be found in God of War: Ragnarok. You can only equip a single Relic at any given time but once equipped, it provides an incredibly powerful ability that can be unleashed by holding L1 + Circle. It is also important to note that these abilities have fairly long cooldowns. In addition to this, these Sword Hilts can also be upgraded to get various benefits such as decreased cooldown time, increased effect, etc. Most of these Relics are tied to different Favors in God of War: Ragnarok that can be completed after you are done with the story. This guide will show you the locations of all the Relics / Sword Hilts that you can get in God of War: Ragnarok.

Relic / Sword Hilt Where to Find Effect Cooldown
Hilt of Dainsleif It can be crafted with Svefnthorn which can be dropped by Ormstunga during a Favor called ‘The Lost Treasure’. You slam the ground to create an explosion of Seior Poison, leaving behind a hazard. Once upgraded, it increases the amount of Hazard. 157 Seconds.
Hilt of Skofnung This one is really hard to get as it requires you to defeat Hrolf in King’s Grave, Midgard. Also, do note that it can only be accessed after completing all the Berserker Gravestones. It unleashes the power of the souls within the sword. You can upgrade it to increase the strength of the effect. 256 Seconds.
Hilt of Angrvadall You can craft it with Skirnir’s Gambanteinn that is acquired during a Favor called ‘The Desert Door’. You slash forward with 3x waves of light that deal increased damage against enemies that are afflicted with Sonic. Once upgraded, it reduces the cooldown. 142 Seconds.
Hilt of Ridill This can be crafted with Crackle of Bilskirnir that you can get during a Favor called ‘Animal Instincts’. You unleash a wave of Shock to electrify enemies. You can also upgrade it to increase the AoE of the electrocution.  142 Seconds.
Glaive of Dodher You unlock it automatically after defeating Fiske in The Reckoning. You toss a Bifrost Chakaram that continues to swerve into enemies. Once upgraded, it gains an additional number of Chakarams that can be tossed. 94 Seconds.
Huldra Project #9 You can craft it at the Blacksmith by spending a bunch of Hacksilver. You can turn Mimir’s discomfort into a Bifrost Blast that deals a huge amount of damage to nearby enemies. You can upgrade it to increase the strength of the effect. 189 Seconds.
Mystical Heirloom It can be found in Lake of Nine, Midgard. You will find it behind a destructible wall, right next to a corpse. It awakens something dormant inside the bearer. It cannot be upgraded. 16 Seconds.
Hilt of Forsbrandr This one is pretty tedious. First, you must find all 48 of Odin’s Ravens. After you have done that, you will need to open 6 Legendary Chests at The Raven Tree, Nilfheim. This will cause ‘The Raven Keeper’ to appear. After you defeat it, you will get the Hilt of Forsbrandr. You can knock enemies back and get an Aura of Protection. It can also be upgraded to get increased duration. 94 Seconds.
Hilt of Tyrfing You need to defeat Blatonn in The Abandoned Village to get Nar’s Cup. Once acquired, you will be able to craft it. You can charge the sword to sacrifice some HP in order to get bonus damage — the amount of bonus damage gained depends on the HP sacrificed. You can upgrade it to reduce the cooldown. 59 Seconds.
Talisman of Meign You can get it during The Quest for Tyr from a body in the wall. You get additional Melee Damage for a short while. You can also upgrade it to increase the duration. 94 Seconds.
Hilt of Gram You need to head over to the Temple of Light, Alfheim. Once there, you will find a Legendary Chest during the Twilight Stone puzzle. It can be found inside that chest. You gain Rage and stun all nearby enemies. It can be upgraded to increase the amount of Rage gained. 94 Seconds.
Hilt of Hrotti You need to defeat any 2 of 3 Oath Guard mini-bosses that can be found in The Plains, Vanaheim. You can apply a mark onto nearby enemies. Attacking the marked enemy decreases the Runic Cooldown of the equipped weapon. If you kill the marked enemy, you will get a Blessing of Runic. Once upgraded, it increases the duration of the mark. 142 Seconds.
Motsognir’s Call To be updated. You create a shockwave that deals high Stun nearby enemies. You can also upgrade it to increase the strength of the effect. 157 Seconds.
Hilt of Hofud This one is acquired after defeating Heimdall during Creatures of Prophecy. You can distort space and time by creating a Realm Shift. 205 Seconds.

After you have collected all 14 Relics, you will get the ‘Collector’ trophy which is needed to get the 100% completion status.

These are all the Relics’ locations in God of War: Ragnarok. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our detailed God of War: Ragnarok wiki page.

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