God of War: Ragnarok has a lot of different Favors (side quests) that you can complete. They are usually not too difficult but grant some nice rewards and often have an interesting story attached to them. One of these side quests is called Path of Destruction, and it tasks you with finding and slaying a giant drake. In this guide, I’ll show you how to complete the Path of Destruction Favor in God of War: Ragnarok.

After you complete the quest “Return of the River,” follow the giant footprints through a hole in the wall to enter the Jungle of Vanaheim. When you step into the jungle, the “Path of Destruction” will start. When you arrive at the bridge, you’ll see that the ogres are waiting for you. You will need to encounter him in order to cross the bridge.

The first thing you need to do is follow the footprints left behind by the drake. These are easy to spot, as they’re quite large. Just hop down until you reach the middle.

The next thing you need to do is lure the drake out of its hiding spot. To finish this job, you must have the wall up, then hurl the ax at the thing twirling around and then freeze the gear before it starts moving again. You will find Rune Readon on the next wall and a Legendary Chest containing Yggdrasil Jewel.

After you climb the wall, freezing the process again, go outside and use the platform to lure Gallons. As soon as Axe is within reach, release it, so he gets trapped inside. Luring Gulon closer by pulling on the chain will bring it up to where drake lives. Make your way back to the drakes by taking the left path. Once you arrive, Slag Horn will be waiting for you.

All three, the Slag Horn, Gravel Belly, and Crag Jaw, will all play similarly. The main difference between Slag Horn and the other two drakes is that he has more health. Follow are the attacks used by Slag Horn.”

  • Swipes
  • Bites
  • Block Break Tail whips
  • Charge Attack
  • Slamming

All of Slag Horn’s attacks deal a large amount of damage, but they also take time to charge up. Therefore you can easily dodge all attacks. The most dangerous attack is the slam; be sure to jump to the side and avoid taking serious damage.

As Slag Horn’s health is depleted to half, the attack will be double, so you need to be much more careful. When you see the drake doing its signature, jump toward the side; otherwise, you will receive a huge amount of damage. Use upgraded Permafrost or Maelstrom against the drake to take him down and finish the “Path of Destruction”.

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