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God of War: Ragnarok Lost Pages Locations Guide


In God of War: Ragnarok, you can equip relics for battle. They’re items that give you different abilities to use against enemies — for example, Runic Attacks. There are some common and rarer relics; the special ones are called Hilts. You can unlock Relics by completing main missions, side quests, or crafting recipes at the blacksmith. You may also find them inside Legendary Chests. In this guide, I’ll tell you where to find all four “Lost Pages” in God of War: Ragnarok which you need to bring the Dwarven shop and craft the Relics recipes.

Lost Page (Alfheim: The Barrens)
To find the first Lost Page, you need to head toward the Northwest side. You find it at the tower next to a Raven and also a Legendary Chest.

Lost Page (Alfheim: The Forbidden Sands)
To find the second Lost Page, you need to go inside the Elven Sanctum and explore its ground level.

Lost Page (Midgard: The Lost Treasury)
To find the third Lost Page, you need to first complete the “Sigrun’s Curse” Favor. Now head towards the Lost Treasury, and you will see a golden hanging chain. After climbing up, you need to turn yourself. The item you are looking for inside the floor that you need to smash.

Lost Page ( Vanaheim: The Plains)
The fourth lost page is at the Wishing Well. You can choose whether to get there from “The Sinkholes” or “The Jungle.” If you need a hint, it’s near where you found the golden chain earlier.

Once you collect all 4 Lost Pages, you can start crafting below mentioned Relics:

  • Hilt of Dainsleif
  • Hilt of Angrvadall
  • Hilt of Angrvadall
  • Hilt of Tyrfing

These are all the locations where you can find all the Lost Pages in God of War: Ragnarok. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed God of War: Ragnarok wiki page.

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