When you journey to Nine Realms, you won’t earn armor from every quest in the God of War: Ragnarok. After Kratos and Freya return to Midgard and Atreus leaves with Thor, you must start the Guiding Light quest by visiting the Temple of Tyr. To progress, you must find the four statue pieces of Tyr. By reading the runes on these statues, you will be able to unveil more about the new story and earn some spectacular new armor. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get the Guiding Light Armor Set in God of War: Ragnarok.

The “Lake of Nine” area in Midgard becomes unlocked after you finish the 9th main mission, The Word of Fate. You’ll need to explore the different ruins around the lake for a chance to find pieces of Guiding Light Armor.

Waist Guard

Start your search for armor pieces on the “shores of Nine.” Freya, also known as Woods and Frigg Witch, and Mimir, nicknamed the Smartest Man Alive, will join you on your quest. Start your journey, and don’t stop until you find the small entrance.

Once you enter, keep going straight through the broken pieces until you reach a giant open area. In the open area, you will see a blue light beam. Follow it until you find the source of the Light, which is coming from one of the ruin’s broken pieces, and then Press the “O” Key to interact.

When the interaction is complete, it will reveal the text maker that will tell you the Guiding Light has begun. The message in writing says, “Iron peace, not a golden war.” Freya will tell you about the hardships Tyr faced during the war.

A text marker will now appear that says, “statue runes read 1 of 4.” You should get the Waist Guard of Guiding Light to improve Kratos’s fighting skills. Doing so, however, won’t be easy as you’ll need to take down enemies like Hel-walkers. Also, don’t forget to use your shield!


Follow the Marker on the map to reach the Northeastern side of the map to get the “Gauntlets of Guiding Light.” Your journey will begin from the location where you find the right bracers. After reaching the “Lake of Nine,” explore the nearby area and find the left bracer. For your assistance, you could use the sled and hit the pile of fresh snow and let the sled do a swift left turn once. Now go much deeper and deeper into the lake.

The “Gauntlets of Guiding Light” are located on the Northeastern side of the map. To begin your journey, find the right bracer at the starting location. Once you reach the “Lake of Nine,” explore nearby for the left bracer. You can use a sled to speed things up by hitting a pile of snow and making a sharp left turn when prompted. After that, make your way deeper into the lake.

Park, your sled, then look around for the next ruin. Freya will tell you when to stop and search through the rubble, which is probably from a statue of Tyr. You’ll see another light beam which you need to follow. After reading the writing on the statue, Kratos has a message for you: “Defend The Peace.” After you obtain your second statue of ruins, Freya the witch will recount a memory to you about Jotnar crafting bracers for Tyr’s statue. In doing so, both of you will receive 325 EXP in total.


After you get the left bracer and follow the next quest marker to start your hunt for a Breastplate, the sled is the best way to travel quickly in the snow. You can reach the Raider Stronghold by sled, which maps out the western side. Be careful, though; you will encounter several enemies along your journey who won’t be tough to defeat. When you finally reach the stronghold after a long battle, find a spot in the snow that isn’t blocked by anything and park your sled there.

As you move around, you’ll come across a giant golden ruin. You need to find Tyr’s Helmet, which has broken down his statue. Opening the helmet will reveal a light beam shining on a spot nearby. Kratos needs to decode the text with the help of Mimir in order to figure out what it means. The message is “Win minds, nor wars.” Mimir translates it for Kratos and reveals that the hidden message is that true battle is always for people’s hearts and minds.

Jotunheim’s Essence

The final piece is Jotunheim’s Essence, which you can find in the Stronghold Southern. However, on your way there, you will come across a that at the right end of the stronghold. Use the sled quickly and go downwards. Remember that the final quest marker is slightly off-center from where you are coming in, so be extra careful not to miss it when parking your sled! And finally, don’t stop moving until you find a light beam for direction.

Once you reach the light beam, go and interact with the item that comes your way. You will be in the right spot when Freya says, “isn’t this the spear from Tyr’s Statue?” Now Kratos’ work begins–finding whispering slabs after digging through snow and using the spear to decode a message that reads, “Wish for peace, be ready for war.” Freya will tell you that Tyr was always ready for war, but he never wished it would happen.

This is all we have got in how to get the Guiding Light Armor Set in God of War: Ragnarok. Be sure to see our detailed God of War: Ragnarok wiki page for more tips and strategies.

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