God of War: Ragnarok is out now and has been getting a ton of praise. It is one of the games that has been nominated for game of the year at the Game Awards which will take place later this year. Prop Artist @VixitMortus that worked on God of War: Ragnarok tweeted about how fans are criticizing Elden Ring just because they want God of War to win the game of the year award and how it is tacky.

She tweeted that “Shitting on Elden Ring because you want God of War to win GOTY is tacky”. I for one have played both and find them to be excellent. I would not be surprised if either of the two wins as they are both great games and deserve the award. The final result is not going to be impacted by the fans criticizing either of the two titles.

In a follow-up tweet, she went on to say “‘Let people enjoy the things they enjoy’ – a difficult, often impossible concept for gamers in 2022”. I for one have to agree with this statement. In recent years we have become less tolerant of what other people think and tend to push our own opinions onto others. It goes without saying that everyone has their own preferences and that one gamer might like God of War: Ragnarok more than Elden Ring. Or the other way around, which is perfectly fine. It all comes down to personal preference.

It is safe to say that the developers of both Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok worked hard on their respective titles and that their work is to be commended. While they are different games and can attract different audiences, they are in their own way excellent games that I can recommend. They are nominated for the game of the year award for that very reason.

The GOTY award will be announced at The Game Awards on the 8th of December. You can vote for your favorite games on the official website.

It is also interesting to note that PS has two first-party games as nominees for GOTY and that Xbox has not had a first-party game nominated for the award since the inception of The Game Awards. Just a fun fact.

Let us know what you think about God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring being nominated for the game of the year award and which game you think is going to win.

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