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God of War Ragnarok Berserker Gravestone Locations and Rewards


In God of War Ragnarok, there are 10 Berserker Gravestones scattered throughout the realms. You must face multiple bosses across the nine realms to collect all the Gravestones. The hunt for gravestones starts with the main quest, “The World of Fate,” during which you can trigger “Fit for a King” Favor (side quest). To complete this favor, you need to collect 10 gravestones, hence, the hunt for gravestone locations.

Berserker Gravestone Locations

It is best to find gravestone locations after you complete the main story. The bosses you encounter are tough so facing them early on is extremely difficult. Level up your gear and weapons before going to gravestone locations in God of War Ragnarok.

Berserker Gravestone #1 (Midgard: The Lake of Nine)

The first Gravestoneis is located at Tyr’s Temple on the north side near “Shores of Nine.” When you reach Fraekni, (The Zealous) boss will be waiting for you. Even though she might appear difficult to beat, as soon as you read her moves, it won’t be a problem. You’ll be able to block most of Fraekni’s attacks, but there is one attack that you need to watch out for, and that Block Break makes it necessary for you to dodge. As soon as she finishes her attacks, feel free to counterattack, and don’t wait until she’s down before attacking her consciousness to claim your rewards.

  • Berserker Waist Guard
  • 2x Tempered Remnants
  • 25x Bonded Leather
  • 25x Shattered Runes

Berserker Gravestone #2 (Svartalfheim: Jarnsmida Pitmines)

The second Gravestone is located northwest of Mystic Gateway in In the Applecore. You’ll know you’re getting close when you see a glowing light. This will lead you to the location where Starolfr and Bodvar are waiting. Be careful when fighting these two bosses–they fight together, and each has a sword and shield. The best strategy for taking them down is to focus on one individual at a time so that you can claim your reward more easily.

  • Hind of the Nine Realms
  • Gale Flame
  • 5x Tempered Ruins
  • 75x Shattered Runes
  • 80x Bonded Leather

Berserker Gravestone #3 (Svartalfheim: Nidavellir)

Go to the docks from Nidavellir’s western side, where you take down Durlin. Once you reach the area, Hardrefill (The Callous) will be ready to attack. The only thing you need to watch out for is his jump-and-smash attack which can be dodged by focusing on the green sign that appears before he lands. After taking down Hardrefill, you can claim your rewards.

  • Asgard’s Fortitude
  • 2x Tempered Remnants
  • 25x Shattered Runes
  • 25x Bonded Leather

Berserker Gravestone #4 (Svartalfheim: Alberich Island)

The fourth Gravestone is located on Alberich Island. To access it, you must complete the “Word of Fate” quest and head to the island’s center. Once there, you will need to take down Beigadr (The Feared). Be extra careful of its lightning bolt attack when engaging in combat. The best strategy against Beigadr is to dodge attacks, counter with ranged attacks of your own, and claim your rewards.

  • Asgard’s Might
  • 2x Tempered Remnants
  • 25x Bonded Leather
  • 25x Shattered Runes

Berserker Gravestone #5 (Alfheim: The Barrens)

After completing the “Word of Fate” quest and reaching Eastern Barrens, you will get your Gravestone. However, this will be challenging as you’ll have three bosses. Start with the Illska sisters – a duo made up of fire and ice that likes attacking from afar. Once you’re done with them, take on Svipdagr (The Cold One), famous for his dual axes. Use your rage attacks when fighting him and claim your rewards.

  • Frozen Flame
  • Asgard’s Security
  • Berserker Cuirass
  • 5x Tempered Remnants
  • 75x Shattered Runes
  • 180x Bonded Leather

Berserker Gravestone #6 (Alfheim: The Forbidden Sands)

It would be best if you went to the south side of Forbidden Sands for the sixth Gravestone. Hjalti (The Stolid) will be there, and she’s not too tough to defeat. So get close to her and use ranged attacks to fight her. After you win, claim your rewards and finish the quest.

  • Grip of the Nine Realms
  • 3x Tempered Remnants
  • 40x Bonded Leather
  • 40x Shattered Ruins

Berserker Gravestone #7 (Vanaheim: Pilgrim’s Landing)

The Gravestone is located in Pilgrim’s Landing. You will find it along with Hvitserkr (The Bold) and his minions in the middle of town. The minion’s touch is fatal, so be sure to avoid them. For Hvitserkr, most of his attacks can be dodged– try to stay close to him and keep attacking until he’s defeated. Your rewards await you upon victory!

  • Pommels of the Nine Realms
  • 3x Tempered Remnants
  • 25x Bonded Leather
  • 40x Shattered Runes

Berserker Gravestone #8 (Vanaheim: The Sinkholes)

Go to the southwest side of the Sinkholes and look for the Celestial Altar. You’ll see some stairs leading down; take them until you reach the bottom, where Gravestone is located. Haklangr will be waiting there for you behind a strong shield. The best move to use is Draupnir Spear, which will let you break through the shield and land some decent hits. Keep going until it’s dead, then claim your reward.

  • Chaos Flame
  • 5x Tempered Remnants
  • 60x Bonded Leather
  • 75x Shattered Runes

Berserker Gravestone #9 (Niflheim: Mist Fields)

Once you enter the Mystic Gateway, head west to find the Gravestone; there, you will find Skjothendi (The Unerring), who has access to Teleportation and Bifrost assaults. However, if you have the “Bifrost and Celestial Panacea Amulet enchantment” with you, it will be a piece of cake to defeat him and claim your reward.

  • Berserker Gauntlets
  • 3x Tempered Remnants
  • 40x Shattered Runes
  • 40x Bonded Leather x40

Berserker Gravestone #10 (Midgard: King’s Grave)

After collecting the other gravestones, it’s time to enable the Berserker gravestone. To get the final one, you’ll need to defeat “King Hrolf,” which will be tough. Bring level 9 gear or above since lower levels won’t work well here. Given how difficult this boss is, the rewards will be greater too.

  • Hilt of Skofnung
  • Grave Mistake Trophy
  • Helheim’s Virtue
  • 300x Bonded Leather x300

Tips and Tricks to Beat Berserker Bosses

You must know a few things about your enemy’s health bar before defeating them, which is especially important for berserker bosses.

  • Green Health Bar: The boss you are fighting is a lower gear level than yours.
  • Yellow Health Bar: You are combating an opponent with the same gear level.
  • Purple Health Bar: This means that the boss you are fighting has two pieces of level-up gear than you do.
  • Red Health Bar is an alert that you cannot beat the boss.

That’s everything we have for now but if you need more help with GoW Ragnarok, here are more helpful guides you may like:

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