PC games often face errors and crash for a number of reasons even the most optimized PC games are no exception to it. God Of War has released for PC and some players are facing in-game crashes, Not Enough Memory error, or crash at startup. Here I will help players with how to fix the God War Not Enough Memory error and how to fix in-game crash.

God Of War Not Enough Memory Fix

A lot of God Of War PC players are experiencing the Out of Video Memory error at launch. The fix this error is very simple. Just disable the integrated GPU for your system and the Out of Video Memory error will be fixed.

Open Device Manager > A new Window will open > expand “Display Adapters”. There will be two options here. One will be your dedicated AMD or Nvidia GPU and the other will be the integrated GPU. Right-click the integrated GPU and select disable. Launch God Of War and the Out of Video Memory error won’t bother you again.

Crash Fix

God Of War PC players are also experiencing the in-game crash issue and here is how to fix it. Using third-party tools and software that might interfere with the game like MSI Afterburner, Discord, RGB software, or more. Disable any third-party software and the issue will be fixed. Also, disable in-game overlays like Steam in-game overlay and GeForce Experience in-game overlay to fix the GOW in-game crash.

Players are reporting that enabling the Debug Mode from Nvidia Control Panel also fixes the God Of War in-game crash. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Help > click Debug Mode and it’ll be enabled. This fixes the GOW PC crash.

Game Not Starting, Crash at Startup Fix

God Of War PC players are reporting that the game is crashing at launch or not starting at all and here is how to fix it. First, make sure you are using Windows 10 64-bit operating system as the game doesn’t support Win 10 32-bit or old OS.

Your anti-virus is probably blocking the game’s executable or important game file. To fix this, disable real-time protection or exclude the game folder from your anti-virus, I recommend the latter. After that, verify game files, launch God Of War, and it won’t crash at startup.

That is all for our God Of War guide with tips on how to fix Not Enough Memory error and crashes. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.


  1. Im having the not enough video memory problem, and my processor dont have a integrated GPU. My dedicated its a 3070 8GB. Im playng at 1080p. Anyone have any sugestions or should i just wait for a fix patch?

  2. Same issue for me. 1080Ti with 11Gb VRAM and its getting to like 10.2 and then just crashing. Only happens after about 3 hours of game-play but still annoying.

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