In God of War, you can sometimes go off the path to collect some items including the Nornir Chests. These are locked rune chests in God of War that can help boost your progression in the game. In this guide, we will discuss all Nornir Chests Locations in God of War PC.

God of War Nornir Chest Locations

The following is the complete list of all Nornir Chest Locations.

Nornir Chest #1: Early on in the game when you are given the marked trees on the Hunt With Atreus, you can go off the path. When you reach the crossroad ruins, instead of following the dear to the left, head straight where you should see a giant chest.

Nornir Chest #2: When you have Escape the Ruin objective in The Riverpass section of the game, climb up from where the path splits after you kill the first Revenant. Keep going and you will find a chest near a bridge.

Nornir Chest #3: When you’re playing the Path of the Mountain section of the game, enter through the gate to the Mountain and reach the spike ceiling chamber near Brok’s Shop. There is a ledge that goes to the exit but jumps up the ledge. When the ceiling comes down a new platform appears. Jump on the platform to find the next Nornir Chest.

Nornir Chest #4: There is an area where you kill the Troll in the Riverpass. Look to the left side to locate a cliff where you should be able to spot another chest.

Nornir Chest #5: You find this chest when you come back to the Witch’s Cave as part of the main story. You’ll need Light and Shock Arrows. Go to the path where you pushed the pallet in the water. This time you will find new crystals below that lead to another chest.

Nornir Chest #6: You need to get the ability to control the Winds of Hel and return to the Witch’s Cave. Go up the wall to reach the area where the turtles live. The giant arch summoned with the sand bowl has the Winds of Hel on its right side which can be shifted to the other. Go up the grab the Winds and come down to place it on the rune mechanism. At this point, the runes should start to circle. Take them to the chest to trigger it.

Nornir Chest #7: On the shore in the Lake of the Nine in the Forgotten Caverns.

Nornir Chest #8: When you reach the Lookout Tower you will immediately see another chest.

Nornir #9: After you meet Sindir you can find a chest near some runes.

Nornir Chest #10: To the right after Sindri’s Shop.

Nornir Chest #11: To the northeast of the Lake of the Nine from Stone Falls there is a gate you need to open. The chest is south of a stone rune circle.

Nornir Chest #12: You come across this chest after The Light of Alfheim.

Nornir Chest #13: After The Light of Alfheim find a way inside the Temple to see another chest.

Nornir Chest #14: Near the end of The Light of Alfheim.

Nornir Chest #15: To the southeast of the Ringed Temple, you can access an area called Light of Elf Shore. Take a left from behind the first gate to be on a path of gazebo which has another chest.

Nornir Chest #16: Enter the Mountain and access the secret door after you solve the riddle. Go into the cavern and under the bridge. Now climb a ledge to reach the chest.

Nornir Chest #17: After you deal with the Mountain Terror, Inside the Mountain you should enter the mountain again and use the path to reach a tall room with an operatable bridge. A chest is there being prayed by some Reavers.

Nornir Chest #18:  You can access the Light Elf Outpost when the water drops for the second time. Go to the northwest of the Lake of Nine, you can spot the chest on a slope.

Nornir Chest #19: In Helheim when you reach the ship area, go left and push the stone into a hole to cross the tower.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to find Nornir Chests in Gow of War PC. Need more help? See How to Beat Eir, How to Beat Kara.

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