Idunn Apples are essential collectibles in God of War. This is because these apples increase your maximum health bar. There are total of nine Idunn apples in the God of War world. You need three apples to partially increase your max health bar. So, please follow the guide below to know how you can collect all the nine Idunn Apples in God of War.

God of War PC Idunn Apples Locations

Idunn Apples are a must find, if you want to survive the harsh and cruel world of God of War and the monsters in it. These apples are granted by Nornir chests. These are the chests that have been locked by magical powers and opening them is a bit tricky. This is because you will have to hit the three pots in certain places within a certain time period.

The Nornir chests include either the Idunn Apples or Rage Thorns. Rage thorns are used to increase your maximum Spartan Rage.

Location #1: The first Nornir chest is found in the Wildwoods right after you come across Draugr for the first time. You will notice a wooden bark that you can break using your axe, and then find all the three magical lamps to smash them with your axe. This will open the Nornir chest for you to collect the first Idunn Apple.

Location #2: For the second Nornir chest, you will find yourself in Foothills where you fight Brenna. You should know that this chest will have a timer to hit all the magic lamps. If you cant hit all three of them in time the chest’s timer will reset. You will find this chest in the left side of the open area on the cliff’s edge.

Location #3: The third Nornir chest is found when you have come to the lake of nine. This Chest will be found on the right platform of which you are standing in the beginning. You need to go below and row the boat towards that platform and hit all three lamps before the timer runs out to get the Idunn Apple.

Location #4: This Nornir chest is found in the Forgotten Caverns. This one is a bit tricky as the timer runs a bit faster for this chest. But hitting the three magical lamps is easy as they are in the same place spinning on a pole. Hit all of these lamps and unlock the chest to obtain the fourth Idunn Apple.

Location #5: The fifth Nornir chest is found in the Alfheim realm. You will find this chest when you are lowering the bridge. You will find the first two lamps when you lower the bridge down partially. Break these and lower the bridge completely to recall the axe to raise the bridge to find the last lamp. Break all three of them to open the chest and obtain the fifth Idunn Apple.

Location #6: You need to kill Hraezlyr the dragon to come across some frost draugrs. They would be praying right next to this chest. This is when Atreus has achieved shock arrows. So, you can use his arrows to destroy the saps and wreck the magical lamps to open the chest to collect the sixth Idunn Apple.

Location #7: Another chest that is found in the early stages of the game in the area of River Pass. This chest is placed inside the ruins. This is where you will fight a revenant for the first time in the game. The chest will be right next to the raised bridge.

Location #8: The eighth Nornir chest is found in the Tyr’s vault. This comes after you dodge some traps and will find the first magical lamp on top of the spikes. The second lamp will be in the same room as you which has a wheel in it. This will be in the wall. Now, the third one would be on the other side of the horizontal spikes.

Location #9: Now, for the last Idunn Apple, you will find this Nornir chest on Light Elf Outpost. This platform is right next to the Tyr’s Tower. You will spot all the lamps as soon as you come towards the chest. In three different directions of the chest so just hit them all with your axe to open the chest.

All in all, opening the Nornir chests and facing this unique challenge is so much fun and now you have the locations of all the Nornir chests containing Idunn Apples in God of War.

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