There are a total of three dragons that Kratos can come across in Midgard. These are completely optional and have no implications on the main campaign. Freeing all three dragons is needed to unlock the ‘Dangerous Skies’ trophy to Platinum the game. In this guide, we have shared the locations of all the dragons that can be found in God of War.

God of War Dragons Locations

In order to free these dragons, Kratos must locate three shrines located nearby. It is only after destroying these shrines that Kratos will be able to free these chained dragons.

Below, we have shared the locations of all the dragons that can be found in Midgard:


This one is located in the Konungard, near the west side of Ruins of the Ancient. In order to free the dragon, Kratos needs to destroy three shrines.

Two of these shrines are located toward the left side of the anchor Regin is tied to. As for the last one, it is behind a locked door on the left side. The door can only be opened by ringing three bells.


The second dragon can be found chained in Veithurgard, toward the southeast edge of Tone Falls.

One shrine is located on the immediate right of the anchor, one is one the far left side, and the last one is behind a gate past the bridge that Kratos can drop down to.


The last dragon, Fafnir, in God of War is located at the Council of Valkyries – pretty easy to locate.

One shrine is on the left of the wooden door through which Kratos accesses the area, another one is on the left side of the dragon, and the last one is inside a small cave on the right side.

These are all the dragons in God of War. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed God of War wiki page.

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