The God of War has so many items and gear to offer to its players. There are a lot of powerful items out there that you can obtain. So, you must equip Kratos with the best items to get the most out of him in battles. This is why you are going to need the most powerful armor in the game and follow the guide below to know how you can get it.

Best Armor in God of War

There are a lot of armor pieces that you are going to craft and upgrade. Getting some armors is easy compared to others. Basically, the harder it is to get an armor the more rewarding that armor is. So, for the best armor in the game, you need to know that it is the Armor of Zeus. This armor hails down from a God, and has the most insane stats of all.

This armor becomes available in New Game+ mode. New game + mode is unlocked after you have completed the Story mode on any difficulty for the first time. So, to get this armor, you will have to kill all the three Valkyries: Gondul, Hildr, and Sigrun.

Therefore, upon killing the Gondul Valkyrie in Muspelheim, you will receive the Gauntlets of Zeus. Killing Hildr would award you Waist armor of Zeus, and killing Sigrun finally will reward you with the Cuirass of Zeus.

So, the armor of Zeus is the best armor in the game, and above was the guide on what you need to do to get the best armor in God of War. Need more help? See Nornir Chests Locations, Idunn Apples Locations.

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