How To Perform Glory Kills In DOOM Eternal

Glory Kills In DOOM Eternal

One of the best mechanics in Doom since the Reboot edition is the Glory Kills. Fortunately for the players, the Glory Kills have returned in Doom Eternal with (excuse the pun) all their gory “glory”. Our guide will be focusing upon the way to inflict the Glory Kills that are present in the game.

To land the Glory Kills in Doom Eternal, you simply need to deal as much damage as possible. Eventually, your foe will begin to glow a certain colour. It will be either orange or blue, depending upon the amount of damage you have inflicted over the enemy. The colours will indicate which type of finishing attack you can perform to receive the Glory Kill.

In the case that your enemy turns a blue colour, it means that it is attempting to regain its balance. A Glory Kill cannot be performed then, as there hasn’t been enough damage to allow it. However, you can use these moments to rain down attacks on your enemy as they would be pretty vulnerable and unable to deal with any damage in return. Their recovery will be quite speedy so you need to be extra alert to seize the defenceless moment.

The perfect time to launch a Glory Kill is when your enemy starts glowing a noticeable orange. This will happen when you keep damaging them a lot with your weapons. When the orange glow appears do not shoot them. Just move in and press ‘E’ (PC) or R3(PS4) to end them in the goriest way possible. It is not only satisfying but also gets your health meter up, which is a great compensation for all your trouble.

That is all for our Doom Eternal Glory Kills guide. Feel free to check our complete coverage of the game by heading to our DOOM Eternal wiki.

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