How To Beat The Gladiator Boss In Doom Eternal

Gladiator Boss Doom Eternal

The Gladiator boss fight in Doom Eternal is like a duel. You will need to wait for the right moment to strike. In that regard, it is similar to the Marauder boss fight. In this Doom Eternal guide, we are going to go over how you can beat the Gladiator boss.

How To Beat Gladiator Boss In Doom Eternal

This boss fight have two stages. The weapons and tactics of the boss are going to be different in each stage. The following is what you need to know about this Doom Eternal boss.

Gladiator Boss Weaknesses

In the first phase of the fight, the Gladiator is going to use a long spiked ball on a chain. He is also going to have a shield. You can damage around the shield with proper aim or splash damage. This is hard to do and does not add up to much.

When the eyes of the Gladiator go green, he is going to let his guard down and attack you. This is going to be the case in both cases. You can dodge and counter when this happens.

The Gladiator boss is going to do a long strike that covers a lot of ground. You can dodge this move by dashing to the side. If you do enough damage to the boss quickly, he will stager and you can go for the Glory kill. Glory kills are not going to kill the boss but they do extra damage. They also drop some health.

Use the Super Shotgun and dash to the side when you see the flashing eyes. Then use the meat hook to grapple forward and shoot the Gladiator. If you have the meat hook upgrade then you will get some armor while you do this. This is how you can stagger the boss.

The Gladiator is not going to be alone. He will summon demons. You can kill them for resources. You will also find some resources on the outer edge of the arena. You can grab these if you are running low.

Gladiator Boss Doom Eternal

The Second Phase

Once you have taken out the first health bar, the Doom Eternal Gladiator boss is going to fall on one knee and you can perform another glory kill move. You can destroy the shield with this move. The Gladiator is going to get back up and will pick up another ball and chain. This is the start of the second phase.

Without the shield, the boss is going to be much more aggressive and is going to come at you more frequently. He is also going to summon more demons. The basics of the encounter are still going to be the same.

The Gladiator is going to spin one of his weapons at a time. He will create an orange circle. This will act as a shield that reflects attacks. If you are in the way then this can hurt you as well. During the second phase, you will have to dodge and dash more frequently.

The boss is going to trap you between two energy walls and will send wavy lines of energy your way. You need to fash to the side that is bending upwards to duck under it. You can also jump over the lowest side in order to clear it.

Once you deplete the second health bar, the boss is going to fall again and you can do a glory kill once more. This one will finish him off for good.

That is all for our Doom Eternal Gladiator boss guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Doom Eternal guides hub.

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