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Ghostwire: Tokyo Beginner’s Guide – Tips And Tricks


Ghostwire: Tokyo is not a massive game but it does have plenty of stuff for you to do. As this is a new title, you will need some help getting around and learning the basics. In this Ghostwire: Tokyo guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you win.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Tips And Tricks

The following are some of the tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when playing Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The Actual Game Begins In Chapter 2

Chapter 1 is pretty short, fortunately, the actual game speeds up and opens up in chapter 2. So avoid doing the side missions during the first chapter.

Use All The Phone Booths You See

As you explore the world you will absorb wayward souls by using the Katashiro. This does fill up pretty quickly. That is why you need to use the telephone booths in order to empty them.

You will see plenty of telephone booths as you explore the world, so be sure to make the most of them.

Save Your Magatama

As you complete quests you will be rewarded with Magatama. You can use these to get upgrades early on but we recommend saving this for later on when you can get much better upgrades. You will generally need 7 of these.

We recommend using this to unlock the grapple ability. With the upgraded ability you will be able to summon a Tengu wherever you like. This gives you access to hidden items and loot.

Keep Some Dog Food On You

Ghostwire: Tokyo Tips

Keeping some dog food on you is going to come in handy. You can pet and feed dogs and they will lead you to loot, money, and even treasure.

Spend Your Meika

This is the currency of the game. While we recommend saving up on Magatama, you should spend Meika often. If you find yourself short on cash then you can check your quests tab to see if you have any relic quests. Complete these to get some Meika.

Other side missions are going to give you plenty of cash. You will also find Meika pots in the open world that reward you with Meika.

Use Spectral Vision To Locate Items And Enemies

Spectral Vision is going to highlight many things around you. This includes enemies, food, treasure, items, and dogs. You can use this to keep an eye out for relic items that you can use to trade.

You will want to pick up any and all items that you come across. You can also use this ability to highlight enemies so that you can prepare for encounters in advance.

Absorb Enemy Cores

Once you have done enough damage to an enemy, you can execute a finishing blow that allows you to absorb the enemy’s core. This gives you a quick kill and rewards you with bonus XP.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Tips

Do note that absorbing a core does take time and this can be interrupted. So you will be open to incoming attacks. You can upgrade your skills to speed up the process. Also, if enemies are close enough, you can absorb more than one core at the same time.

Use The Bow For Stealth Kills

When taking out large groups of enemies, you can get some stealth kills by using a bow. This long-range weapon allows you to kill a couple of enemies while keeping a safe distance.

Hide Completed Icons

As you progress through the game there will be tons of activities that you can take part in. This clutters the map a fair bit. You can select the hide completed icon option in order to remove activities that you have completed in order to streamline things a little bit.

These are some of the tips and tricks that should make playing Ghostwire: Tokyo a bit easier. If you have trouble running the game on PC then you can check out our guide on how you can fix different errors.

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