Ghostrunner Upgrades Unlocks Guide – Best Upgrades, Effects

Ghostrunner Upgrades Unlocks Guide

There are a total of 29 ability upgrades that you can use in Ghostrunner. Similar to abilities, you must unlock these abilities before you’re able to use them. Upgrades in the game provide you with a range of benefits e.g. additional ability charges, decreased cooldown, increased range, and more. In this guide, we’ve provided an overview of all the ability upgrades in Ghostrunner, their effects, and unlocking them.

Ghostrunner Best Upgrades to Use

The following is a complete overview of all the best ability upgrades that you can use in Ghostrunner:


Upgrades Where to Unlock Effects
Extra Charge The Climb You gain an additional charge.
Cooldown Breath In It reduces the ability’s cooldown after use.
Extra Charge II Run-Up You gain another charge but with increased cooldown.
Bulletproof Faster While you’re dashing, you’re completely immune to projectiles.


Upgrades Where to Unlock Effects
Reflect The Climb You’re able to reflect projectiles back to attackers.
Boost Breath In It’s easier to aim when reflecting projectiles.
Focus: Elimination Boost Run-Up You gain increased Focus from killing enemies.
Absorb Faster Deflecting projectiles regenerates Focus.


Upgrades Where to Unlock Effects
Aim Time Boost Breath In Sensory Boost time of aiming with techniques is increased.
Cybervoid Attunement Breath In Increased duration of Cybervoid Uplinks.
Focus: Overclock Faster Increased recharge rate of Passive Focus.


Upgrades Where to Unlock Effects
Detector The Climb All the collectibles are marked on your radar.
Tactical Overlay The Climb You’re able to see enemies a lot more clearly.
Sensory Boost: X-Ray Breath In Sensory Boost allows you to see enemies through walls.
Sensory Boost: Slowdown Faster Time is further slowed down during Sensory Boost.
Tactical Overlay II In Her Own Image Enemies who see you are marked, even behind walls.


Upgrades Where to Unlock Effects
Range The Climb Increased range.
Area The Climb Increased area-of-effect around Blink.
Extra Charge The Climb After a brief delay, you’re able to Blink another time.


Upgrades Where to Unlock Effects
Range Run-Up Increased range.
Multikill Refund Run-Up Killing 2 or more enemies with a single Tempest refunds Focus.


Upgrades Where to Unlock Effects
Size In Her Own Image Increased area-of-effect.
Range In Her Own Image Increased range.
Extra Charges In Her Own Image You gain an additional ability charge.
Speed In Her Own Image The wave created by Surge travels at a faster rate.

These are all the upgrades, their effects, and how to unlock them in Ghostrunner. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Ghostrunner wiki guides.

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