Ghostrunner Audio Logs Locations Guide

Ghostrunner Audio Logs Locations Guide

There are a total of 7 Audio Logs scattered across different levels of Ghostrunner. Collecting all 7 Audio Logs in the game will unlock the ‘Finding Adam’ trophy/achievement. In this guide, we’ve detailed the locations of all 7 Audio Logs collectibles that you can find in Ghostrunner.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs Locations

The following are the locations of all the Audio Logs that you can find in Ghostrunner:

Audio Log #1 – The Climb
In the area with red mist erupting from the floor, don’t push toward the next objective and head towards the ‘Block 2’ instead to find first collectible at the end of a pipe.

Audio Log #2 – Breath In
After hopping on the very 1st steam jump pad, don’t proceed forward and jump onto the platform directly above the jump pad to find the 2nd Audio Log in the game.

Audio Log #3 – Run Up
After dodging a lot of things, you’ll find yourself on a ramp that you’ll take down to proceed through the level. After entering the next gate, turn around and grapple up to find the collectible.

Audio Log #4 – Echoes
This one is on top of a large pipe you’ll need to cross over in order to progress through the level.

Audio Log #5 – The Forbidden Zone
After destroying the 1st turret enemy at the beginning of the level, head over to the area the turret was facing and wallrun onto the upper platform to find it.

Audio Log #6 – Reign in Hell
Once you’re done with the simulation and the fight with the teleporting enemies, continue on the main path, wallrun on the platform on your right, and turn right to find the collectible.

Audio Log #7 – Things You Wouldn’t Believe
After you arrive in the area with white tanks filled with green-blue liquid, you’ll find an empty tank with the collectible on top of it. Remember that you’ll need to have a Jump Boost to get it and you can find it in the same area.

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That’s all we’ve got in our Ghostrunner Audio Logs locations guide. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Ghostrunner wiki guides.

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