Best Abilities to Use in Ghostrunner – How to Unlock, Effects

Ghosrunner Abilities Guide

There are a handful of abilities in Ghostrunner. From being as simple as Wallrunning to more complex like Blink, abilities in the game perform a variety of functions. However, remember that you won’t have access to all the abilities from the get-go – you’ll find them during missions and by defeating bosses. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to unlock all the abilities in Ghostrunner.

Ghostrunner Abilities – How to Unlock

The following is a detailed overview of all the abilities, their uses, and how to unlock them in Ghostrunner.

  • Wallrunning – This ability lets you run across the walls without any kind of speed penalties. To use it, simply jump onto a wall and you’ll continue to run on it.
  • Sensory Boost – Unlocked during the tutorial, Sensory Boost lets you slow down time for a short while. Jump into the air and continue to hold the ‘sprint’ button in order to slow down everything around you. You can’t, however, use the ability indefinitely. Once the Sensory Boost meter runs out, you’ll return to normal speed.
  • Slide – This one is pretty self-explanatory! While running, press the ‘crouch’ button to slide in the direction you’re running in. Doing so should allow you to avoid incoming damage and even build up momentum while running down a slope.
  • Dash – Tapping the ‘sprint’ button will let you dash in the direction you’re facing. This one is incredible gap-closer that can also be used to avoid different kinds of hazards in the game.
  • Gapjammer – This one is essentially a grappling hook. During the course of the game, you’ll see plenty of blue icons scattered in different direction. Clicking on them will let you directly grapple to them. Pretty straightforward!
  • Blink – Unlocked during The Climb, this ability lets you blink through multiple enemies/projectiles if they’re lined up. It won’t only let you avoid getting hit by projectiles but will also finish off enemies with a single, powerful blow.
  • Tempest – Unlocked during Road to Amida (Cyber Void), this ability is similar to Aard from The Witcher games. You’ll emit an incredibly powerful shockwave from your hand that will knock enemies/projectiles back.
  • Surge – Defeating Hel during In Her Own Image will unlock the ability. It’s basically a 2-part ability in Ghostrunner. Simply look at an enemy to mark it and then activate the ability to land a long-ranged sword swipe that can hit multiple enemies if they’re all lined up.

These are all the abilities that you can use in Ghostrunner. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Ghostrunner wiki guides.

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